Scientist-Mystic and The Manifestor

The Scientist-Mystic & The Manifestor By Melissa Shaw & Georgette Star

“Meet the Archetypes” is an invocation and imaginative journey through the “9 Pathways of the Soul” dedicated to supporting your “being and becoming”.

Every human being is on a life-long journey to learn and evolve skills and capacities along each one of these nine distinct archetypal pathways of human development.

The affirmation statements below are meant to call forth greater awareness of Pathways (7) the “Scientist & Mystic” and (8) the “Manifestor” in you.

The more you fully integrate and functionally utilize the gifts and powers of each of these realms of development, the easier it will become to meet the demands of everyday life and more fully actualize your radiant soul potential!

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And, stay tuned for future installments of “Meet the Archetypes”!



I stand amidst the chaos of the world, seeing with clarity that all life is a complex and elegant expression of the Infinite.

Through my unlimited three-year-old eyes, I gaze with wonder at the countless array of intriguing, interesting, and dare I say, magical things I find in what others may call the everyday world.

My telescope, microscope, oscilloscope, and thirst for knowledge of how things work…provide me with a window into the mysteries of the Universe, both known and unknown.

I might seem skeptical to others because I rarely come to an absolute conclusion about anything. The scientific method and always staying open to a deeper realization are important to me.

I see my life, life experiences, connection to the world, and those I meet as all playing a part in fulfilling my Soul’s yearning to evolve and transcend.

I am Lao Tzu, Jesus of Nazareth, Pythagoras, Confucius, Hildegard von Bingen, Buddha, Rumi, Joan of Arc, Khalil Gibran, Hafiz, Pema Chödrön, Teresa of Avila, Amma the hugging saint, the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, to name just a few examples.

I am your best friend, favorite uncle, wise co-worker…who never fails to comfort and amaze you with their knowledge and spot on wisdom about the nature of things.

I am anyone, just like you, who has experienced the Divine and known the transcendence of self, even if only for an instant, in a way that changed how I perceive and interact with the uncertainty of Life.

I am the spiritual teacher who encourages my students to walk a path of learning to discover their own connection to Source.

I need to regularly pull off the river of life, find a quiet eddy and spend time alone to study, read, reflect, tune into insights and guidance, and just Be!

I love you, but sometimes I just need to be alone.

What symbol comes to mind instantly to represent the “scientist and mystic” in you?

What happens when the “scientist and mystic” hasn’t yet developed the skills or goes into hiding?

What does the “scientist and mystic” in you feel like?




I may have many ideas, I may only have one, but I effortlessly get these ideas out of my personal think tank into the public eye.

I am not afraid of revealing and sharing my creations in the national and global markets so that they can be distributed throughout the world.

I am the always-busy person everyone goes to when they want to get something done.

I am the classmate voted “most likely to succeed”, who actually did, and now has a thriving business, a loving family, is well respected within the community, and is obviously happy and satisfied with my choices in life.

I am the inventers and innovators of the world whose greatest joy is to design new and better products to make life easier and get them into the hands of those who will use them.

I clearly ask the universe for what I want in my life, and trust the process, which includes taking action towards achieving my goals, having an attitude of gratitude, and getting out of my own way.

I am the athlete whose drive, ambition, and willingness to make the necessary sacrifices paved the way for receiving three Olympic gold medals.

I am your somewhat annoying Pollyanna friend who sees the bright side of things more often than not, somehow always lands on her feet no matter what life throws at her, and makes it all look ridiculously easy.  (It’s not, really, you just don’t see how hard I work at maintaining a conscious, intentional mindset of ease, abundance, and appreciation)

I expect the world to receive my gifts and reflect back the value and I’m usually really good at “psychic shopping”!

I am your beloved grandmother whose greatest joy and fulfillment in life was to mentor you, and so many others, to align with Spirit and bring your dreams into reality.

What symbol comes to mind instantly to represent the “manifestor” in you?

What happens when the “manifestor” hasn’t yet developed the skills or goes into hiding?

What does the “manifestor” in you feel like?