Magic and Mystery of Being a Woman

By Joni Maher, MSW


Last Saturday I gathered with a group of mothers and their 10 & 11 year old daughters for my second Playshop, called Celebrating Beautiful You. I was prepared for these events by the “Beautiful You: From Girl to Woman” Training from Life Blessing Institute. My intention for my Playshop day was to share the magic and the mystery of being a woman.

I believed this was essential because I had noticed something in my first Playshop and experience with my own pre-pubescent daughter that caught my attention. I realized while our girls today are much better educated about the changes that come with puberty and received a steady flow of messages about girl power and female empowerment, almost none had any idea what’s at the heart and the soul of being a woman. That isn’t surprising because most adult women have little to no sense of this either.

The wounds of our generation came from misinformation, cultural misogyny and shame. We wanted a different experience for our daughters and we have brought them further than we were carried but we have been missing a key piece. Collectively we empowered our daughters and have done great work to change the misogyny culturally and politically. But, in my experience, the missing piece for both us mothers and our girls is a grounding in our Feminine Spirit: A reclaiming of our Feminine Spirit that comes with owning our magic and mystery.

When we support our girls in accessing their Essential Selves, they will then have the resources they most need to grow into the women they are meant to be. They can draw on this depth and wisdom to keep their Spirits and Sense of Self intact as they come of age in our hypersexual and more and more disconnected culture.

For myself and for my daughter, “BYGW” Trainings were the answer to my prayer. Like so many of you I was clear I wanted to foster a different kind of support for my daughter than I received as a girl coming of age. I just wasn’t clear how to overcome my own lack of knowledge and the missing pieces I didn’t even realize were missing to optimally support my daughter. I had intentions and instincts but – just as when I was a girl preparing for my own transition – I needed helpful information and support. That’s where Georgette and “BYGW” came in.

Georgette (*) provided the key elements to support both those of us aspiring to mentor girls coming of age as well as the girls themselves.

Personally, I received:

  • Grounding in my Feminine Spirit & Inner Knowing
  • A Sisterhood Community that brought many gifts
  • Profound healing for my Inner Maiden
  • A beautiful role model for how to walk the walk as a Spiritual Woman
  • An experience of the beauty, gifts, magic and mystery of being a woman
  • Concrete skills to share these gifts

Going through the “BYGW” training with Georgette has allowed me to first and foremost share these treasures with my daughter and then to other women and their girls. It has been so gratifying to witness and hear the ways these girls and women are each being touched and continuing these important conversations. I appreciate how in a small way my pebble in the pond – of sharing Celebrating Beautiful You in my community — is rippling out to touch the lives of girls, their mothers and ultimately our human family. It doesn’t get better than that!

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