Not that many moons ago, I fell into a state of comparing myself to others. Although I felt connected with some wonderful and positive elements about myself, the overall effect of comparing with others was quite destabilizing. This is because I started to doubt what I knew to be true about my creative process and the value of my contribution to Life.

Have you been comparing yourself to others? How does it affect you?

Comparing myself to others not only caused me to doubt myself but also to second-guess my Soul’s Guidance. I was in a quiet receptive phase, I felt like I must be doing something wrong when compared to other colleagues and leaders who I perceived to be in very active manifestation cycles of expression. I woke up each morning with a sick feeling in my stomach, and for a period of time, I had no energy or motivation.

Thank goodness, I know what to do when triggered out of Soul Alignment… I go “IN”.

During a deep meditation, I explored this state of mind. I uncovered some outdated beliefs that needed updating and a need for emotional healing.

I prayed for a “Healing”.

In response, I received the vision of an Apple Tree as my “Healer”. I also received the guidance to create a painting of this little tree.

But, what does an Apple Tree have to do with my “Healing”, I wondered?

As synchronicity would have it, within days of completing this painting, I had a conversation with a friend who happens to be a story-teller. I asked if she knew any stories about Apple Trees.

She told me her story of an Apple Tree, and in the telling, I received my “Healing”! You can read this story below and find the message in it for YOU.


by Penninnah Schram

In a great Forest where the oak trees grew tall and majestic, there stood in their midst a little apple tree. It was the only apple tree in the entire Forest, and so it stood alone……

Winter came. As the snow fell, it covered the branches of all the trees, including the little apple tree, as it drifted to the Forest floor. Under the gentle blanket of snow, the Forest was quiet and peaceful.

One crisp night, the little apple tree looked up between the tall oak branches and saw a wonderful sight. The twinkling Stars in the clear sky seemed to be suspended from the tall oak branches! This beautiful sight inspired the little tree, and she said:

“How lucky those magnificent tall trees are to have such beautiful Stars lighting them up. I want more than anything in the world to have Stars on my branches, just like the tall oak trees! Then I would feel truly special”.

The Universe looked down at the little apple tree and said gently, “Have patience, little Apple Tree!”

Time passed, the snows melted, and Spring came to the Forest. And the little apple tree came to life! Tiny white and pink apple blossoms appeared on its branches. Birds came to rest, and people walking by admired its beautiful flowers.

All Summer long, the little apple tree continued to grow and thrive, and its branches formed a gentle canopy as they filled with leaves and blossoms.

But each night, the little apple tree looked up at the sky with the millions of bright Stars and cried, “I wish more than anything in the world to have Stars on my branches -just like the tall oak trees, so I could feel truly special”.

And the Universe looked down and said, “Apple Tree, you have wonderful gifts. You offer loving shade to Forest friends, your blossoms delight people walking below, and your branches provide rest for the birds whose vibrant songs awaken the tall oaks from their Winter sleep”.

The little apple tree sighed and answered simply, “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but that is not special enough! What I really want more than anything in the world is to have Stars, not blossoms, on my branches. Then I would feel truly special!”

The Seasons changed again. Soon the little apple tree was filled with an abundance of beautiful apples ripening on its branches. People and animals walked through Forest and picked and ate the life-giving fruit. Yet still, when night came to the Forest, the little apple tree looked up at the Stars in the tall oak trees and called out, “I want more than anything in the world to have Stars on my branches too! Then I would feel truly special.”

Puzzled, the Universe asked, “But Apple Tree, can’t you see that now you have wonderful apples on your branches to offer to all in the Forest? Doesn’t that give you joy and make you feel truly special?”

The little apple tree answered silently by shaking its branches from side to side in sadness. At that moment, a fierce Wind blew, the great oak trees began to sway wildly, and the little apple tree shook in surprise. And from the topmost branch of the little tree, a single apple flew with the Wind, and happily split open as it fell to the ground at the foot of the little tree.

“Look, Apple Tree” the Universe gently suggested. “Look INSIDE. What do you see?”

The little apple tree looked down and saw a wonderful sight…..right in the middle of the open apple was a beautiful shining Star. And the Apple Tree cried, “A Star! I have a Star INSIDE! I have had Stars all along!!”

And the Universe laughed gently, “So you do have Stars on your branches, Apple Tree. Now you know it.”


Thus, through my friend’s synchronistic timing and the telling of this story of the Apple Tree’s Discovery of Healing, I too, received the “Healing” I needed.

The story of the Apple Tree reminds us to honor our unique gifts, be patient with the Seasons of our creative process, trust the Universe and remember that even when we cannot see it, we have Stars and Creation Seeds “INSIDE”.