Life Blessing High Vibe Success Key

High Vibe Success Key #3 : Realize Who You (Truly) Are 

I am infinite and eternal, unbound by time or space, always here now. I am centered in unconditional love and compassion. Woven into the fabric of all life, I belong. Everyone and everything is included and honored. I am limitless love, abiding presence, immeasurable wisdom, inexhaustible power.

The Truth Of Who You Are

Bright Light, take a moment to say the above statement to yourself.  Absorb it, allow it to seep into your deepest consciousness.  Believe it. Know it. This is the Real You. 

It’s what I call Soul, the infinite, unbound, supernatural deeper truth of you that can be discovered beneath the multidimensional influences of your human conditioned personality. 

It’s the most profound Truth of who you are. It’s the most profound Truth of everyone you know, love, and serve. Your friends, family, local and global neighbors and clients (if you are a practitioner or healer).

And yet… I’ve observed in myself, my clients, and others how the inner critic can erode confidence, slow down creative momentum or stop us from even trying. It has the power to make us forget the truth of who we are. 

Quieting Your Inner Critic

I’m wondering if you’ve noticed, as I have, that no matter how much evolutionary work you’ve done, your inner critic still gets activated from time to time? My inner critic certainly STILL gets triggered no matter how far I’ve come on my evolutionary path. The good news now is that it’s never for long! 

Life Blessing High Vibe Success Key #3

This month’s blog is dedicated to what I call my High Vibe Success Key #3: Realize Who You (Truly) Are. This is one of the tools I find extremely valuable to transcend the inner critic and tap into, to make more REAL, the inherent and unconditional qualities of SOUL, the Real Me and You.  I also use it to empower my coaching clients to do the same. 

To experience creative successful movement in our lives we must learn to acknowledge the voice of the inner critic as separate from who we truly are. When we can confront it and feel it, without identifying with it, we can ultimately move beyond its outdated beliefs and reactive patterns. 

As we practice tapping into the deeper truth of who we are, over and over again, eventually all that will remain will be faint impressions of the power and control the inner critic once had over us.

Just like the acorn is infused with the pattern of its highest potential to become a mighty oak, you too have the potential to realize the Real You; the inherent, unconditional qualities and capacities of SOUL. 

Continue reading about ways to know when you are centered in Soul and easy access tools for flipping the Soul Switch when the inner critic takes over

Life Blessing High Vibe Success Key #3

Five Ways To Recognize When You Are Centered In Soul:

You know you are in touch with the Real You when you are centered within a sense of Self that is infinite, eternal and always in the now, while simultaneously experiencing events within what appears to be time and space.

  1. You know you are in touch with the Real You when you are centered in equality and interconnectivity. Even when triggered into feeling inferior or superior and casting judgment of self or others, you choose to align with equality and interconnectivity.
  2. You know you are in touch with the Real You when you are centered in love and compassion. Understanding that all fear, anger, all contracted emotions in your human operating system and others are pain in need of healing. And you choose compassion.
  3. You know you are centered in the Real You when your sense of belonging is independent and ever present as an undercurrent regardless of the acceptance or rejection of others. You choose to know you belong.
  4. You know you are in touch with the Real You when you can let go of resistance and the desire to control what is not yours to control. When you choose to relax, accept, and trust the unfolding in a state of presence. 
  5. You feel an inherent sense of well-being like a golden current of inner peace running through the center of all your experiences, high and low.

Four Easy Access Tools I Use And Recommend For My Coaching Clients On The Path To True Self Realization:

  1. Invite the contracted emotion and limiting thought pattern of the Inner Critic to become fully conscious- give it space to be without fixing.  Sometimes, genuine, compassionate, allowing and willingness to be in the discomfort, in and of itself, will help to flip the SOUL switch back to the Real You.
  2. Get into Nature and then shift your focus from the contracted energies of the Inner Critic to attune to Nature’s inherent unifying qualities; this can also help to flip the Soul Switch back to your True Nature. 
  3. When the Inner Critic has your focus, regain a foothold on your attention with Soul through journaling to discover what is needed to be seen, felt and, known to flip the Soul Switch in this way.
  4. Find a skillful guide and helper to expedite this process. It’s often much faster to get help on the path to Self Realization.

BONUS! Journal Writing Prompts For You To Use Or Pass Along:

Life Blessing High Vibe Success Key #3
  • What’s the quickest and most effective way for me to flip the Soul Switch when my Inner Critic is triggered?
  • Imagine you are aware of your infinite and eternal true nature. How would the situation you are most troubled by now look to you? What would change?
  • Imagine remaining centered in compassion no matter how loud the inner critic or the criticism of others became? How would you show up differently in your life and business over the next month?


My journal sessions often include writing statements to set intentions with a conscious decision.  The High Vibe Success Key, Realize Who You Are Intention Statement would be something like this:

I am unlimited energy and potential. I am manifested form and matter. I am both/and. I am the infinite within the infinite within the infinite. There is only one unique, extraordinary me, inextricably interconnected with all unique, extraordinary existence. I am Love’s center and circumference.

If you are a Practitioner, Coach, or Healer or anyone in a position to empower others, helping them realize the deeper truth of who they are is one of the greatest gifts you could possibly bestow. 

Your journey back to what you’ve always known and what’s already inside of you, what your SOUL knows and wants to express, is waiting for you.