become conscious conduits

Jason & The Conduit


When in your life have you noticed it felt easier (or you were tempted) to shut down your feelings rather than stay open to fully experiencing what was happening in the moment? How do we open ourselves to once again become a conscious conduit of the higher frequencies of love, wisdom, and healing?

Jason’s Memorial

Recently I attended the memorial service for Jason, a young friend who died unexpectedly in March. He was only 37 years old. A 6 ft 7 inch red-head, who called himself  a “ginger”, he was a true gentle giant. His best friend, Ruby the dog (also a ginger), was his constant companion. God, he loved that dog!

During the service his mom, Kathy, bravely shared significant moments of his life story. A photo slideshow of his journey played across a large screen behind her, showing how Jason’s face morphed throughout the stages of each passing year. I was struck by how his blue eyes constantly glowed with sensitivity, a loving presence and lots of good humor, but also a hidden sadness.

Sometimes we lose our ground

Upon returning from the service, I felt emotionally ungrounded, dysregulated and unusually exhausted. Jason’s generous spirit touched mine in a deep, inexplicable way. Knowing there will be no more conversations or hugs with Jason was heartbreaking and triggered some unintegrated grief from my past. 

To help reground, reconnect, and process I used one of my own tools for making and maintaining connection with the Infinite Radiant Divine when in need. I opened my SOUL CODE ILLUMINATION Virtual Card Deck, asked for a healing message, shuffled, and intuitively selected.

I chose Conduit (see card image below). The intuitive guidance which came to me when I sat with the imagery on the card was exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Here is what I found:

  • Rather than holding tension around the emotional pain, intentionally relax the body, especially the chest. Do some heart-opener yoga postures.
  • Rather than shutting down the intensity, welcome grief (mine and others at the service) rather than be distracted from it.
  • Expand to include the paradox of simultaneous grief and joy in the powerful wake of Jason’s departure.
  • Invite all energies present, like the waterfall-light fall in the card image, to release and flow freely into the earth.
  • Reach out to share with others from a tender place. This will help transform pain into free creative energy and contribution.

I had planned to share an example of how I use the Soul Code Illumination Card Deck in an article and had wondered which one to choose. Little did I know this example would turn out to be something so powerful; embracing the pain of loss and reactivating my capacity to be a grounded conduit.

Why am I sharing this with you? 

As healers, practitioners, and coaches we often find ourselves called to be a conduit for the pure light of consciousness for those we serve.

Whether experiencing and responding to personal issues or upsetting current events in our world today, feelings of loss, fear, and anger can leave us feeling ungrounded.  

As conductors of the higher frequencies of love, wisdom, and healing, we must be both willing to feel and able to ground all these energies as they pass through us.   

I’ve shared some examples of how I found my way back to being a grounded open conduit. 

How about you?

What are your best practices, tools, and techniques to help yourself and others through the ungrounded moments, to become conscious conduits? I’d love to know your favorite. 

Send me a note: georgette@lifeblessing.com