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High Vibe Success Key #2: Cultivate Unconditional Trust


I’d like to tell you a little story…

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl child named Vasalisa. Tragically, her mom became deathly ill and before she died, she gave her daughter a secret and most precious gift: a tiny doll. She instructed her daughter to consult with the doll whenever she felt lonely or had to make a choice or needed help. 

After the death of her mother, Vasalisa’s father remarried a cruel stepmother who didn’t want Vasalisa and tried everything she could to make Vasalisa’s life difficult. One day, the stepmother asked Vasalisa to fetch something from the witch Baba Yaga, believing the terrible witch would devour Vasalisa and she would be rid of Vasalisa for good. So Vasalisa set off, traveling deep into the forest to the house of Baba Yaga. 

At every juncture, crossroads, or uncertain moment on the journey, Vasalisa would consult with her magic doll. The doll happily provided guidance and advice to help her make the best choices, including some that helped her escape from Baba Yaga. In the end, Vasalisa overcame every danger and obstacle to her freedom and well-being – eventually destroying the terrible Baba Yaga for good.

Trust in Source/the Universe/God/Higher Self/Soul guidance is a divine superpower.


Perhaps you have heard this children’s tale about Baba Yaga and Vasalisa the Brave. I used this teaching story in Maiden Spirit, my girl’s spirituality and rites of passage program. This program teaches girls about accessing, trusting, and acting upon Higher Self guidance. Throughout the ages, countless fables and stories have been told about the challenges we humans have faced while learning to access, trust, and be guided by our inner Wisdom Source.

You too have what equates to a magical doll to consult with, that represents the voice of your inner Wisdom Source/Higher Self/Soul. Last month I shared High Vibes Success Key #1, Making and Maintaining Higher Self Alignment, as the highest priority today and for the rest of your life. For today’s blog, I offer High Vibe Success Key # 2: Cultivate Unconditional Trust.

Cultivating Unconditional Trust is the practice of tuning in, listening to your intuitive knowing, trusting, and acting accordingly.

Cultivating Unconditional Trust allows us to discern between the voice of our ancient wired-in control and safety strategies and the voice of intuitive knowing.

  • Unconditional Trust is a state of consciousness AND a way of being.
  • Unconditional Trust provides a lifeline for you to take the leap of faith required to evolve and risk. We are rarely in the danger our survival brain wants us to believe we’re in. Cultivating Unconditional Trust is the antidote. It is the only source of safety independent of life’s changing circumstances.
  • It is a moment-by-moment intention and decision to listen to the voice of your inner wisdom source and act on it.
  • Unconditional Trust helps you feel safe to free fall through any resistance, uncertainty, or self-doubt that arises, to land effortlessly in a field of inspired actions. You no longer need to wait for all your ducks to be in a row. You only need one duck to take the next step.
  • Even – or perhaps especially – when life doesn’t meet your expectations, when there is loss or you feel afraid, when you are dealing with life challenges; you can rely on your own inner wisdom to guide you.
  • Unconditional Trust makes it possible to view the inevitable perils, pitfalls, and delays along the way with an attitude of “if not this, something better. This is for me not against me, what good can be discovered in the challenge? Who or what can help?”.
  • This great key to inner freedom unlocks the vaults of creativity, movement, healing, evolution, joy, and our ability to catalyze this state in others.
  • Unconditional Trust is another essential component of High Vibe holistic success in every area of your life.

I want to spark a bonfire in your heart for embracing Key #2: Cultivate Unconditional Trust. A trust practice begins with discernment, and discernment requires awareness about which “voice” you are listening to.

The insistent (and often loud) voice of the habitual inner critic is a function of the risk averse survival brain that has the noble intention to protect you from harm.

In comparison, the voice of the Soul has a quiet, peaceful certainty that all is well. It is there to guide you safely on your journey. Listening to and trusting that voice of inner wisdom empowers you to move through any confidence gap into trust-inspired action.


Cultivating Unconditional Trust Journal Prompts:

One of my primary trust-building practices is a Higher Self/Soul Guided journaling practice where I set my daily course to Cultivate Unconditional Trust. I pull out my journal and begin a Q&A with Soul. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get going but once I’ve relaxed into more of a flow state, the conversation might look like this:


Hello Soul!

  • The voice of fear, doubt, and resistance about ________(something I’m avoiding or disturbed by and preoccupied with) has been holding me back from ______. Fear says _______. What’s the deeper truth?_______. 
  • Now that I have my answer, I’m going to Trust this and take this aligned action___________.
  • Where am I giving away my power to know what is right for me or what is actually happening? What is a more accurate truth about this? What will trusting this guidance open up for me? 

After the Q&A with Soul, my journaling process includes writing affirmations as a statement of intention and declaration of choosing the High Vibe way. Like this:

I perceive, receive, trust, and act upon a steady stream of intuitive guidance every moment.


As someone whose presence influences others, your ability to embody the High Vibe way of being will be the source of your greatest contribution to others.

Cultivating Unconditional Trust is a moment-to-moment choice to trust that you will be guided through whatever happens and whatever is needed will be provided. It opens a flow of creativity and abundance, naturally contributing to the lives of others.

In time your practice of Unconditional Trust in Higher Self Guidance has the potential to become a steady state of consciousness.

Until then, the practice is self-validating because the more you listen to and act from soul knowing, the more life opens to support and empower you. It’s an inner muscle that grows stronger with inner workouts. So, drop into the High Vibe Success current and flow, and watch your life change, for good!