First Moon Rising


A Girl’s Rite of Passage Documentary Film

Hello Bright Light,

You know that feeling of waiting for perfect right timing before stepping on to a escalator, diving into a wave, or merging into fast moving traffic? Well, I’ve been waiting for that perfect moment to write to you and in so doing begin a new way of staying in touch and offering support, education, and inspiration for your journey of inspired parenting and living! And so begins my transition from monthly newsletters to more frequent blog posts and a more intentional sparkling direct connection with YOU.

I’m excited to step out from behind the curtains of the Life Blessing Institute. The very first thing I want to share with you is a documentary film about MAIDEN SPIRIT, which includes a beautiful vision and example of what a girl’s coming-of-age celebration could look like. The film is called First Moon Rising: A Girl’s Wisdom and Rite of Passage Journey ~ you can view our 22 minute film at the bottom of this page.

Join me in a global vision of every girl in our world waking up each morning knowing she is safe and provided for, that she matters, her female body is a blessing, that she has the power to create, not only new life, but as she becomes an adult woman she will have the power to participate in the creation of her own life.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the film!

Georgette Star

Our fabulous, feminine honoring, creative producer and film-maker, John Jordan-Cascade and I would be honored to receive your impressions. What moves or inspires you and why?
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