How Maiden Spirit Got Her Name


Days are becoming darker where I live in the Northern Hemisphere and I’ve been thinking a lot about the seasonal gift of darkness. As Mother Earth withdraws from outer focus and activity I feel myself longing to do the same. How about you?

I find myself resisting what I most need to do right now, turn within and listen to the voice of my soul. If you are like me, you deeply desire daily access to intuitive knowing and guidance. WE know we need soul perspective and clarity to effectively face and embrace the inner and outer challenges of life more effectively. We also want the light of conscious awareness to illuminate the path ahead, at least a little bit, so we can make soulfully aligned choices. It’s SO important!

Oh so many years ago now, I received a powerful undeniable and clear calling from Spirit to create a spiritually based, empowerment and rites of passage program for girls. It was the type of guidance that truly came in like a strike of lightening, with many confirming synchronicities. I didn’t really have to get quiet and turn within to discover it. Soon after, the name Maiden Spirit came through to me in a dream. It came in the form of a loud, booming echoing voice that proclaimed: MAIDEN SPIRIT DOT COM. Super easy and clear. It took someone else to point out to me the fact that Maiden Spirit is also Made-In-Spirit. Perfect!

What happened next, or I should say, what didn’t happen next was more of that obvious easy clarity. Thus began a long frustrating period of waiting for clear next steps for how to accomplish this mission.

Until finally, finally I sat down – got really quiet, ASKED MY SOUL SOME SPECIFIC QUESTIONS and then stayed receptive to impressions from within. I can’t say I remember what those initial questions were but I can say that answers did come. Each answer led to an action that then led to another question. I have been on the journey of creating my work and my life through this process ever since!

Sometimes clear next steps do not come right away. OFTEN I have to face, embrace and transcend resistance to the process of inner asking and listening. But that is an article for another day!

For now, I invite you to join me in my commitment to allow for some quiet meditation time this Fall, ask the LIGHT WITHIN questions and then open to receive the insights. May the guidance we receive catalyze breakthroughs in places of inertia and release energy for movement into inspired action! Even if that action is only one teeny-tiny step in the direction of our hearts desires.

My next guidance question is: Into what new forms does Maiden Spirit want to evolve?
What’s yours?

Let me introduce you to Tami Kent.

Below is the recording to our interview from the Radiant Moms and Girls Revolution Summit. Be sure to listen to the end, when Tami offers a Wild Feminine Golden Pelvic Bowl Activation.

Tami Kent
Mothering from Your Center: Spirit Medicine & Cultivating Radiance

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Tami has a MA in Physical Therapy she is the founder of Holistic Pelvic Care for women and author of Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body, and Mothering From Your Center: Tapping Your Body’s Natural Energy for Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting. She is a mother to three sons. Tami is passionate about teaching women to cultivate the creative energy meant to flow through all aspects of a woman’s life and provide access to a full range of creative resources––this beauty and wildness within. Find out more at www.wildfeminine.com