The AH HAH Moment

The “AH HAH” Moment That Changed My Life Forever:
A Tool For The Conscious Transformation Of Experience

Even though we are potent spiritual beings filled with the power to change and create new experiences, most of us tend to forget this on a daily basis!

Today I was inspired to share with you a revelatory “AH-HAH” turning point moment on my Journey of Awakening and the 4 steps I took to transform my experience. I was feeling depressed and alone in a particular reoccurring life circumstance, and I was able to create the opposite experience of feeling deeply loved and connected in those very same situations.

Here’s what happened:

One evening, after attending yet another wonderful dinner party with friends, I noticed that, instead of feeling happily connected when I left that party I felt depressed, sad, lonely and disappointed. I also realized that this was a very familiar pattern repeat. The first step of my transformation was to recognize the pattern.

I invite you to follow along with the steps.

Step 1: Identify depleting emotions (sadness, anger, fear) that appear to repeat themselves in your experience. Then identify the type of situation that most often triggers them.

After I realized that I was in a pattern repeat, I began to wonder if there were unconscious thoughts and beliefs triggering my sadness and disappointment that had nothing to do with my actual experience at the party. I went on an introspective exploratory journey to find out and this is what I discovered.

Surprisingly, my previously unconscious belief system turned out to be a deep conviction that looked like this:

“I am alone. Others are not there for me. Life is sad and lonely”.

Realizing this was the KEY to my “AH HAH”!

Step 2: Ask yourself: What might be the unconscious belief patterns underlying your pattern repeat?

Now that I knew what was going on in me, I decided to study my behavior the next time I went to a dinner party with friends. I wanted to find out what I was doing or not doing that contributed to feeling alone even in the midst of friends.

This is where I had my “AH HAH” moment:

I noticed that when others would ask “How are you, Georgette?” I would quickly defer and switch the focus back to them.I rarely gave anyone a chance to ‘be there for me’, thereby replicating my experience of being alone. Suddenly I saw myself as the source of my frequent distress after parties with friends.

Step 3: Imagine your triggering situation: What do you see yourself doing or not doing that could be contributing to your disturbing pattern?

Finally, I decided to try something different at the next party. When anyone asked, “How are you?”, I told them!!!!I left that party with a heart brimming with feelings of love and connection, and of shared mutual intimacy. I stepped into my power as the conscious creator of my experience of fulfilling intimacy with friends. And they were so happy to have the opportunity to get to know me and hold space for me, thus deepening our mutual connection.

I now show up at parties centered in this deeper truth: “I am never alone, I am present for myself, and I choose to reveal myself to others capable of mutual and fulfilling intimacy. I recognize now that my life is filled with love and connection”.

Step 4: Identify the deeper truth template that you are committed to create and then plan what you might do differently for a different outcome.

Track this new approach over time as you consciously take responsibility and step into your power to create your own “AH HAH” moments and new experiences. Let me know what you discover!I’d love to hear from you: georgette@lifeblessing.com