Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts

Our intersecting human relationships can be miraculous for many reasons including the unexpected and unintended gifts they sometimes bring.

We may only come to realize such gifts through hindsight and conscious contemplation.

With the help of a skilled mentor, I recently I discovered a profound GIFT that my short relationship with baby brother Stephen, who died when he was only six months old, gave to me.

It took 5O years for me to realize what the gift is and how it servers me to this day!

I share this story as an invitation for you to open your heart to realize the unexpected gifts that came to YOU through your relationships, in ways you never could have imagined or would have asked for.

To realize a relationship GIFT consciously is to embody it more fully, to appreciate and honor the giver in a new way.

This is how I received Stephen’s gift:

One morning, when I was 10, I woke with a dreadful, heavy feeling in my chest and a clear realization that something very sad had happened in our family.

I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that my baby brother had passed away (Stephen had been living for over a month in a rehabilitation hospital after a surgery).

I absolutely knew, even though no one said a word about it!!!

I finally summoned the courage to ask Mom if what I knew was true and she confirmed the fact.

In that very instant I received the GIFT of my brother’s life and death: I can know things without being told by others. I can trust my knowing!

Trusting intuitive knowing is one of the most valuable skills I possess. This ability helps me navigate life with greater confidence and wisdom and to help my clients and students in essential, efficient ways.

With conscious awareness of this gift, I can now thank brother Stephen for my initiation onto the path of inner knowing, which on some level I never forgot.

Learning to access, trust and act upon our intuitive knowing as well as to contemplate the meaning of our life experiences are capacities and skill sets we develop on Pathway of the Soul Number “7”.

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We are all in various relationships throughout our lives. Perhaps that is the magical gift, whether the relationship seems positive or negative. We can’t live without them….so what is their purpose, and how do we realize their benefit?

Dr. Gabriel Cousins says that “The power of sacred relationship is that it is a unique path that helps one to access their soul”.

RELATIONSHIPS AS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Eckhart Tolle……if you accept that relationships are here to make you conscious instead of (only) happy, then relationships will offer you awakening opportunities, and you will be aligning yourself with the Higher Consciousness that wants to be born into this world through you… through us all.