Cosmic curve balls

Cosmic curve balls

Any CURVE BALLS come through your life lately?

If you are experiencing changes in your life, or helping others with their challenges, you are probably familiar with COSMIC CURVE BALLS!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how life can change dramatically from one moment to the next….

Life’s COSMIC CURVE BALLS arrive in the guise of unexpected and sometimes amazing magical and sometimes difficult, painful life experiences.

They come with an invitation to awaken to a deeper truth, about self, others, and even the nature of reality. They can serve as invitations to revelation and to evolve our life skills and capacities to adapt to change and discover new freedoms.

Some curve balls are small, relatively easy to process and adjust to.

Sometimes unexpected change can feel so huge that life as we have known it suddenly undergoes a revolution, and seems completely different.

Last week, I received a phone call from a dear close soul sister, with the unfathomable news that her daughter’s father, also a friend of mine, drowned in Lake Shasta during a family and friends camping trip less than 24 hours before.

The shock wave of that curve ball went through my body like the clarifying yet electrifying sound of a temple bell….. a call to awaken!

Since the moment that I heard about this curve ball that so deeply affected everyone who knew him, I’ve experienced a cosmic array of emotions. In addition to the shock and pain of his sudden death, I also feel grateful to have known this beautiful, vivacious being on earth, and to feel the sacredness of his sudden, unexpected leave-taking.

I also feel a strong need to jump up and live more fully and freely as I contemplate the finite nature of my time here.

I reached out to his family, connected with several of my own dear friends. I created an altar with a huge bouquet of orange, green, and white gladiolas, a photo of he and his daughter hugging and shining with love where I light a candle each day. I meditate and tune into his beautiful spirit as my ways of dealing with this life curve ball.

We do not know how much time we have for this life. A re-calibration to the treasures of using the time we have left to fulfilling our Life Purpose is his gift of wisdom to me and my hope for you too.