The Power of Love

As a Transformational Leader your capacity to be an instrument of Unconditional Love is your most essential competency and greatest contribution.

In this Face Book LIVE broadcast replay I describe my Mom (Mother Love) as the most potent Transformational Leadership I’ve ever known….and share a poignant story about how she loved the unlovable in her final days.

We explore these and other questions:

  • What does it really mean to live as love?
  • What about the parts of us that are not yet fully “Love Realized”, our blind spots of unconscious patterning?
  • How can we evolve this capacity and become more effective agents of change?
  • What is love in the context of facilitation?
  • How does love create an energetic container for our work with others

I also teach the “Oneness Practice” I use when preparing for private sessions or groups for you to consider.
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