The Healing Power of Ritual

As I contemplate my upcoming 60th birthday, I’m remembering something about my Mom’s “Elderhood Initiation Ceremony” I want to share with you.

When growing up, there was about a decade when, every year on her birthday she would tell us kids she was turning “47”.  Eventually we grew suspicious, really questioned her and she still wouldn’t admit her true age. When Mom finally revealed her age she was in her late 50’s.

When Mom turned 67, I gave her a “Elder Initiation Ceremony’ which included a circle of our beautiful women friends.

During the ritual, she shared how terrified she was to let people at work know her age and she cried.  She was afraid that if they found out her value would be diminished.

After the ceremony she seemed transformed! She told us she no longer felt afraid and in fact she felt pleased to be a vibrant “wise elder” with much to give!

Mom continued working as a Physical Therapist until she turned 75!  She was proud of her age and her wisdom, and really took on the new status as a Wise Woman Elder for her community!!!

I share this memory to encourage you in your work as a Transformational Leader to….

  • Honor your own life cycle changes and pay attention to any unanticipated positive energies as well as any unconscious limitations that might be triggered to discover new freedom
  • Be sensitive to what comes up for your family, friends, and clients around significant life cycle transitions and offer to help them explore the possibilities that may arise

Although I do not feel ready for an Elderhood Ceremony quite yet, I am going to step into my 60th decade with a simple ritual while visiting Maui in a few weeks.

This will be the topic of my next FB LIVE. I’ll tell you how it went, my realizations and include a Life Cycle Change ritual template for you and your work with others.

In the meantime, come join me in the Transformational Leadership Café! I’ve been gathering the energy there with intention to develop a real Transformational Leaders Community of support, wisdom, and resource sharing.  I visit daily.

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