The Gift of Seeing, Being Seen & Mentoring

My Mom, Shirley Donatello Green, met the woman who became her friend and mentor, and who years later would become my God Mother, Jane Barkly, at a YMCA gym when she was 17. They soon discovered each other to be mutually spiritually inclined! Among other things, Jane taught my Mom about the “9 Pathways of the Soul” and how to read the “Soul Code” that can be found through the Numbers in a person’s name and date of birth. Each of the numbers 1-9 are numerical archetypes that represent a pathway of human development and soul embodiment. Throughout my childhood, I listened to Mom and Jane reviewing and reading the Soul-Maps with family and friends as they discussed and explored the perennial life questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I to do???

jane and morgan

As a young child, I was always aware of a mysterious and wonderful feeling in the air when they would meet, and Jane was always so loving and kind.

When I was about the same age that my Mom was when she first met Jane, I experienced an irresistible calling to “visit” Jane at her home.

During these visits, Jane showered me with her love, tea and vegetarian treats. She showed me books filled with incredible images of angels, ascended masters, a great variety of sacred texts … she introduced me to deeper appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, including the most amazing white and purple lilac’s I’ve ever experienced. She opened up many doors to life’s mysteries and fed the fire of my blossoming spiritual awareness.

Jane saw the mystic healer in me, probably because she had read my Soul Map, and acknowledged these capacities in me in a way that called them forward.

Before she died, at a ripe age of 100, she sent me a box of her treasures, angel’s figurines, sacred text and crystals….

And yet, it wasn’t until many, many years later that I recognized the significance of Jane’s role in my development and the incredible and lasting treasure that I’d received when Jane taught my Mom the Numbers-based Soul-Mapping system.

Never underestimate the gift of being truly seen or of giving this gift to another!

Years after Jane made her transition from this world to the next, my Mother passed the knowledge of the “9 Pathways of the Soul” on to me. She taught me how read a Soul Map as Jane had taught her.

The empowerment of my true self and the knowledge she passed along have since been woven into the fiber of my being and are the basis for the LIFE BLESSING INSTITUTE as well as my coaching work over the past 30 years!

I now want to introduce this body of knowledge to you.

In my next blog post, I will share with you the powers and gifts of the “9 Pathways of the Soul” and how you can use this knowledge to empower yourself, beginning with the Number 1. Look for this information starting next week!


Last night, I enjoyed a visit from my niece, Morgan, who is 16. She arrived on my doorstep so excited to share the news of her spiritual awakening!

With eyes filled with wonder and heart wide open she asked me if I would give her a blessing and teach her what I know. In those moments, I realized that Life was giving me an opportunity to do exactly what Jane did for my mother and then for me!!!!

I lit a candle and some sweet grass, offered a prayer and presented Morgan with some beautiful green jasper prayer beads given to me long ago by a woman who had recognized the Wise Woman in me. When placing the prayer necklace over her head, I told Morgan that I see the Wise Woman in her. And the lessons began.

This unexpected, synchronistic, simple yet profound experience of love and Spirit with my niece confirmed the importance of sharing this message with you:

What does the gift of being seen, seeing another, and the role of mentoring mean to you?

How has it been unfolding in your life?

How do you pass it on?

mother love grandmother shirley

Georgette and her mother; Shirley Van Gieson-Donatello-Green