Stands face into the wind

One of my family members, Joseph, came out of a 5-week coma last week after a serious motorcycle accident. Although there will be a long road ahead to regain all his functions, we are now certain Joseph will LIVE to continue his life as husband, father, son etc. Thank God for this blessing!

May miraculous blessings rain in your life too!

Life can be really challenging sometimes AND the RESILIENCE of the human spirit is immense!!!! 

I’ve been contemplating what it takes to stand strong in the face of Life challenges during this time of witnessing Joseph’s wife, mother and grandmother summon their strength and courage to stay present for Joseph and face the daily struggles of his recovery.

Recently I found myself using the term “SPIRITUAL WARRIOR” to describe what it takes to make it through.

Sometimes, when I need to summon strength and bravery to stand tall and true when facing challenges, I call upon the Archetype of the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR. The Spiritual Warrior is an energy found within the human psyche that includes our capacity for fierce courage, ability to feel and channel aggression to create positive change through inspired action all with attention focused on the Divine.

Life often provides synchronistic tangible “signs” to confirm when I’m on track. Recently a “sign” came that confirmed my invocation of the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR through an unexpected meeting with a Lakota Elder. This is how it happened:

Last weekend I went on a drive to the lovely town of Hood River, Oregon at the confluence of both Hood and Columbia Rivers. It was a glorious hot summer day. After browsing in one of the local shops, I sat down on a bench outside to rest. An elderly man walked across the street and sat down next to me. We soon struck up a conversation and I asked his name. He spoke his name in the Lakota language and then translated to “Stands Face Into The Wind”.

I discovered this 90-year young gentleman to be quite alive with humor and stories to tell!

We sat and talked for quite some time. He described wearing moccasins for the first 11 years of his life. “Stands Face Into the Wind” pulled out his cell phone and shared photos of a series of stunning paintings he created, images of himself as four different types of powerful warriors. He showed a photo of himself with face painted and in full warrior regalia, which he made.

He showed photos of other handcrafted warrior-accessories such as a painted shield made from a hide that could stop a bullet and a beautiful canteen made from a gourd. He also showed photos of the targets filled with bulls-eyes he hit while shooting his rifle. “Stands Face Into The Wind” is a true Warrior.

The whole time he was sharing, I knew I was receiving a gift and message from the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR Archetype within each of us.  

There are times when we need the summon the gifts and powers of the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR within to overcome inner blocks to connection with Higher Self and to deal with the real life challenges. Do not doubt your power to break through any limit presently stopping you from knowing and being the Truth of who you are.

As Transformational Leaders who empower others, we know energetic expansion and how life changes for the better on the other side of facing a challenge. We have to be SPIRITUAL WARRIORS for those we serve. As SPIRITUAL WARRIORS, our complete and right practice is to compassionately help others to summon their inner power, their own inner “Warrior”, too.

Inspiring Video Clip from Kate & Jacob Schwartz’s called a Native American FANCY WAR Dance