Parenting Visionaries


We humans have superpowers that include the ability to create. It’s so obvious we don’t often recognize it! A prerequisite for manifesting any creation is to first have an idea, a vision of what we want. We desire a glass of water and have a vision of how to get one before we take the action steps to bring that delicious glass of water into our hands. As conscious creators, we bring our visions to reality in every area of our lives constantly. To activate our creative superpowers, it really helps to have a conscious vision of who we desire to be as parents.

I spent the morning with my grandkids today. When I arrived to pick them up, my grandson was angry and venting about something. Instead of matching his energy or attempting to shut him down in some subtle or not-so-subtle way, I was able to stay centered in a neutral space. On and off throughout our time, I practiced being the essence and energy of my parenting vision, which includes providing a space of unconditional acceptance. Soon, his emotional distress passed like clouds, the sky cleared and we went on to enjoy a wonderful time together.

And, even when we are unable to stay centered in our parenting vision, having a clearly defined vision can empower us. Knowing where we are heading can keep us out of self-condemnation during those moments when we are not quite there! Over time we will live more and more into our vision of possibility, trusting is a secret to developing our parenting superpowers!

Enjoy this 3 Step and simple process for creating your own Parenting Vision:

Step # 1 Articulate Your Parenting Vision [Fill in the blanks]

In my parenting, I desire to experience____________________, express, _______________________ and contribute _____________________________.

Example: I desire to experience myself as a beacon of light, to express unconditional love and support. I desire to create and contribute stability, abundance and to contribute a secure feeling that all is well.

Step #2 Translate into an ‘I am’ statement

I am a beacon of light for my family. I express unconditional acceptance, love and support and contribute stability, abundance, and a feeling that all is well.

Step #3 Post, Share, and Revisit Often

Post your statement somewhere you can refer to it daily and realign your creative focus to your vision, share it with others as a ritual of commitment to your vision.


Another FUN application of this visioning exercise is to co-create a family vision and mission statement: Ask each family member to contribute to filling in the blanks and then collaborate from your first draft sentence to create your Family Vision Statement.

As a family we desire to experience___________________________, in our relationships we desire to express, ________________________ and contribute_________________________.

Our Bones Are Made of Stars!

The first lesson for girls in their second year of Maiden Spirit is entitled: Our Bones Are Made of Stars! During exploration of their relationship with the Universe, they create picture collages of ‘Star Girl’ and write poems about the Universe In Me.  Here is one very recent example, written by Emma. There is such wisdom in our children.


The Universe In Me

In the universe there is a galaxy

In a galaxy there is a solar system

In the solar system there is a planet

On a planet there is a continent

On the continent there is a country

In the country there is a state

In a state there is a county

In a county there is a town

In a town there is a street

On that street there is a house

And in that house there is a maiden

And in the maiden there is sadness, happiness,

giving up, hope, beauty and disbelievingness.

And in all of everything there is nothing and everything,

There is light and dark,

sadness and happiness,

but if you would believe it all,

all those things are positive.

Emma, 12