Welcome to your “Higher Self Alignment & Daily Transcendence Practice Tool”

Experience a continuous, unbroken state of connection with your Wisdom Source (Higher Self, Soul, the Universe)

Hello Bright Light!!! I’m excited to share my unique and playful “Higher Self Alignment & Daily Transcendence Practice Tool” with you. It was created for anyone, but especially for Practitioners, Coaches, and Healers who know how crucial it is to incorporate an alignment practice into your day!

This tool provides a structure for a practice to start your day fresh and tuned in to increase creativity, focus, and productivity. Most people I know understand what “Higher Self” means but what do I mean by transcendence?

Generally speaking, transcendence can be defined as rising above, or moving beyond, negative and limiting inner or outer influences. Transcending common distractions such as fears, blocks, interference, etc. enables you to live in a SOUL aligned state of free-flow, clear, open, grounded, heart-centered, and available to intuitive SOUL guidance while naturally empowering others to do the same. Transcendence doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen, one day at a time.

Higher Self Alignment & Daily Transcendence Practice help you to:

  • “Trust fall” into Soul
  • Align to the Now
  • Become fully present with an open heart
  • Become authentically available to see what is without projection or denial
  • Receive subtle impulses of higher wisdom and direction
  • Fully focus on what you are here to do TODAY
  • Enter a state receptive to guidance for work with clients or your business
  • Enter a state receptive to guidance for any aspect of your life
  • Strengthen your ability to contribute to collective healing through the butterfly effect and direct expressions
older woman holding cards


Your Higher Self Alignment & Daily Transcendence Practice Tool is comprised of the four virtual cards you will find on the page below. They belong to the “Alignment Suit” of the SOUL CODE ILLUMINATION Card Deck and represent four essential components of a “Daily Transcendence Alignment Practice”. Ready to shift your energy, set your intention and access your SOUL aligned “To-Do” list for the day?

Wonderful! Let’s begin.


This Daily Transcendence Higher Self Alignment Practice Guided Meditation (5 minute) video recording will take you through the five-step alignment process. Once you know the process you can easily take yourself through the steps in only a few minutes, or longer, depending on your needs. You will also find links to the Daily Transcendence Higher Self To-Do List templates and a Practitioner’s Instruction Guide for teaching clients an alignment practice using this tool.

If you are a practitioner, coach or healer, who has clients who could benefit from having the Higher Self Alignment & Daily Transcendence Practice Tool in their tool kits too, you can send them this link https://www.lifeblessing.com/the-radiant-you-retreat/ to gain access. This tool can also be used as a wonderful teaching aid to instruct your clients in an alignment practice! For example, you could open this page, share your screen, and use the card images to discuss each step of the practice.


Click on each of the cards to enlarge the image for better viewing.

Tune into your human body & mind as the jewel & your Higher Self as the light shining through.


Activate awareness of your body from head to toe, your connection with the earth & cosmos.

womaan legs ground purple gemstone

Expand your heart center radiating compassion and loving kindness to all.

heart centred

Be a conduit and messenger for currents of heaven and earth to run freely through your body.

woman meditating waterfall