This tool provides structure for a daily practice so you can start your day fresh and tuned in for increased creativity, focus, and productivity. It’s comprised of the four virtual cards that provide visual representations of the four essential components of a “Daily Transcendence Alignment Practice”, a guided practice audio, and a downloadable Higher Self Daily To-Do Planner. Everything you need to shift your energy, set your intention, and access your SOUL aligned To-Do list for the day!

Alignment Practice helps you to:

  • “Trust fall” into Soul
  • Align to the Now
  • Become fully present with an open heart
  • Become authentically available to see what is without projection or denial
  • Receive subtle impulses of higher wisdom and direction
  • Fully focus on what you are here to do TODAY
  • Enter a state that’s receptive to guidance for work with clients or your business
  • Enter a state that’s receptive to guidance for any aspect of your life
  • Strengthen your ability to contribute to collective healing through the butterfly effect and direct expressions
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Transcending the noise of life has so many benefits for personal and professional thriving. Ultimately, abiding in the radiant peace of Higher Self Alignment is the greatest contribution you can make to the lives of your clients and to our world!