The Wise Woman (or Man) in You!

Do you feel you have a strong connection to a source of inner wisdom and guidance?

Throughout my adult life I have been blessed with the ability to deeply listen when I get nudges from that inner source, and over the years have cultivated methods for seeking out that wisdom and guidance. Teaching girls to access their own inner wisdom and guidance system has been foundational in the Maiden Spirit program. It is also now part of the curriculum within our BEAUTIFUL YOU: From Girl to Woman program for mothers and daughters.

A few nights ago, I received a very special text message from Jennifer, one of the mothers in Beautiful You. Last week’s “Wisdom Play” activity was for mothers to take their daughters on a guided inner journey to meet and communicate with the wise woman within. The purpose of this activity was to give girls a tangible and re-creatable experience of connection with their source of inner guidance and wisdom.

In her text Jennifer wrote this: “Hello my friend! Just had a beautiful moment with my daughter. We did the Wise Woman meditation yesterday. Eva has gone to her wise woman multiple times today. She just told me that her wise woman told Eva her name. It is Artemis!”

I’m so happy for Eva! I can only imagine what it must feel like for Jennifer to know that her daughter has this tool for consciously connecting with her inner wisdom any time, anywhere. There are so many decision crossroads ahead for Eva, and now she has a reliable tool to use to help her make wise and informed choices throughout her life.

I am absolutely certain the wise woman within has helped me to resolve so many of my dilemmas and problems, big and small, throughout this lifetime.

I remember being a young mother and single parent of my 3 year old son Brooks. We were walking along the street in Eugene, Oregon on our way to a park. My son was hungry and kept asking for apples, which I didn’t have to offer. As we were walking along our familiar path to the part, I suddenly had a strong feeling that I should turn around and take a different route. Fortunately for Brooks we did. Not far along the way we ran into an old friend. The first thing he did was ask my son if he would like an apple! His backpack was filled with apples!

Connection with the guidance flow helps me every day to know and to take the next step on a path that often only appears AS I take that next step. Although at times it takes a lot of work to clear the way to hear the guidance, it is always there.

Would you like to take a guided inner journey to connect with the wise woman or wise man in you? Find a quiet place and time for yourself and listen to the recording of the one that Ava took to meet Artemis. I’d love to hear about your experience!

Thank you for inspiring us Ava!!!

(Ava’s wise woman within drawing)


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