The Elder & The Divine Child Within You: A Union of Wisdom and Power

In the mystical dance of existence, there is potential for the Divine Child and Wise Elder Within to converge. This union is not merely a convergence of ages but a metamorphosis where the open mind, innocence and vitality of the child entwine with the knowledge and wisdom of the elder to become a healthy, vigorous vine participating in the world while climbing an ancient tree merging and dissolving into the sunlight of unity consciousness.

We begin life as divine children of wonder, setting out on our soul’s journey through the world.

Slowly saturated and shaped by influences of family and culture we learn to temper our innate sense of awe, and freedom of expression. Our ability to stay connected to the wonder child within fades. This journey, referred to by Joseph Campbell as the Hero’s Journey, is an archetypal process that can turn irritants to pearls.

We have the potential to consciously reawaken and embody our Divine Child essence, the light of pure Being enriched by the wisdom of life experiences. In time the Divine Child and the Wise Elder within us can harmonize and integrate into the purest form of the soul expression within a human body. This potential is inherent, and you have glimpses of it during moments playing with children, witnessing a sunrise, or immersing yourself in the majesty of Nature.

Last spring, I embarked on a journey alongside my dear friend, editor, and creative collaborator, Melissa Shaw. Together, we set out to write a metaphysical inner child’s fairytale for the pure fun of co-creation. Since then, we’ve been passing the story back and forth, weaving our magical imagination into its fabric.

Interestingly, our co-creative project coincided with my turning 65 and a realization: it was time to prepare for my rite-of-passage into elderhood. This observation prompted me contemplate these questions with us all in mind:

Reawakened Innocence: Can a fairytale like The Adventures of Angelica & Fairy Grace be a tool to encourage a return to the innocence of the divine child within

Divine Child and Wise Elder Within: What’s the connection between the archetypes of the Divine Child and the Wise Elder, and why are they both calling simultaneously?

Wisdom Pearls For Living In A Troubled World: How might conscious integration of the divine child’s wonder and sensitivity be guided and empowered by the Wise Elder within, in the face of friends, family, communities and the world’s conflicts and polarizations?

In case you missed the first episode of our story “Angelica Gets Her Wings”, click HERE.

The Divine Child Reawakens

“But someday you’ll be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”
– C.S. Lewis

This lifetime offers the opportunity to experience the hero’s journey of aging as a return to innocence, to the boundless radiance, joy, and creative vitality with which we began our lives, now empowered by the wisdom of life experience and awakened awareness we didn’t possess in our youth.

As I embrace the reality of biological aging and psychological and spiritual maturity, instead of leaving parts behind, I’m discovering, like a set of nesting dolls, all the ages and stages of my life are integrating into a more complete sense of wholeness. The Divine Child’s free spirit is more often leading the way, hand in hand with the Wise Woman within.

This divine child, submerged during earlier life stages, has been resurfacing in new and sometimes disorienting ways. She prefers flowing in a nonlinear timeless space. She wants to create and contribute from inspiration without the need for a strategic outcome. Participation in the creation of a metaphysical Fairytale and occasionally immersing myself in that magical realm within my psyche is an example of the child coming alive again, sparking a new surge of authentic creative self-expression in other areas of my life. Oh, and don’t forget laughter and freedom to run and shout simply for the joy of it!!

How about you? How is the divine inner child in you showing up to play?

“At the end of all our exploring, we will arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Eliot

Wisdom Pearls Of Empowerment For Living A Troubled World With An Open Heart

I’ve been practicing staying connected to the divine inner child’s state of open-hearted resilience and creative aliveness while simultaneously being aware of living in a world, or having experiences marked by conflict and polarization and it is not easy!!!!!

How do you stay connected?

I see the Wise Elder’s role in guiding the child to move through a world marked by conflict and polarization as a delicate and crucial one. Below you’ll find a list of potent suggestions for ways the Wise Elder within you can help the child within (or actual children that we love and serve) from shutting down.


Imagine a little girl witnessing another child on the playground aggressively push a younger boy down onto the pavement for no apparent reason. She sees and feels the shock, hurt, fear, and bewilderment on his little face.

Even though it isn’t happening to her, it’s so painful to watch. Even though an adult comes to intervene she is left feeling scared, angry, and frozen, not knowing what to do or how to process what she saw. The hurt in her heart isn’t going away. It all seems so senseless, unfair and wrong. So, she runs to YOU, Wise Elder, for help. Here are suggestions for how you can help her gain tools and understanding for how to process without losing her creative spark:

  • Offer Perspective: The Wise Elder can provide historical context and a broader perspective on conflicts.
  • Teach Empathy and Foster Compassion: The Wise Elder can encourage the child to understand that people on both sides of a conflict have their own stories, fears, and aspirations.
  • Cultivate Critical Thinking: The Wise Elder can teach the child to analyze complex situations rather than resorting to black-and-white thinking.
  • Promote Peaceful Solutions: The Wise Elder can encourage the child to seek non-violent ways of addressing differences and making positive contributions to peace.
  • Nurture Resilience: The Wise Elder can explain to the child that challenging times also offer opportunities for growth, transformation, and help cultivate skills for overcoming adversity.
  • Maintain Wonder: While addressing the harsh realities of the world, the Wise Elder can share experiences and stories of beauty, kindness, and inspire the child to preserve their sense of wonder and joy.
  • Encourage Open Dialogue: The Wise Elder can provide an unconditionally loving space and open dialogue to allow the child to process their feelings and concerns.
  • Stay Connected to Nature: Both the child and Wise Elder can foster an inner sense of peace and harmony by reconnecting with the natural world’s rhythms and wisdom.
  • Cultivate Mindfulness: The Wise Elder can introduce mindfulness practices that help the child stay grounded in the present moment, managing stress and anxiety in turbulent times.
  • Inspire Activism: The Wise Elder can encourage the child to channel their wonder, curiosity, and sensitivity into positive action, such as advocating for peace, human rights, or environmental protection.
  • Storytelling: The Wise Elder can inspire and remind the child of the potential for positive change by sharing stories about those who have made a positive impact during times of conflict./li>
  • Creative Expression: The Wise Elder can encourage the child to have creative outlets that allow them to process their feelings and share their unique perspective.
  • Community Involvement: The Wise Elder can involve the child in community activities that promote unity and understanding among diverse groups of people
  • Practice Non-Attachment: The Wise Elder can teach the child the importance of doing what is right and just, without attachment to the results.
  • Model Resilience: By embodying resilience, themselves, the Wise Elder becomes a living example of how one can maintain joy, curiosity, and openness even in challenging times.

My friend, your capacity to do the inner work of making and maintaining the connection between the Wise Elder and Divine Child within can create a path to inner peace and your best contribution to a more peaceful world. Your beautiful sensitivity and wonder can coexist with a soul perspective of the world’s suffering.

May the divine child & wise elder facets of the jewel of you continue to merge into a mature grounded, playful, integrated emanation of truth-consciousness-bliss. May you experience the balance of empowered innocence and renewed capacity to hold this paradox.

I’m off to a place where the fairies know our names. I’ll meet you there!

P.S. Acknowledging ChatGPT for the list of suggestions adapted for this post.