Certification Course

I knew I was born to make a difference in the world

Nothing brings me more joy than being part of the Transformational Journey of another human and for this to be my work in the world. If you’re here because you feel the same way I do, then this course is for you.

Once you have completed the Introductory Course, this Certification Course is your next step towards becoming certified in the Soul Stream Client Breakthrough Method.

All Course Students will be invited to join a private Facebook Group membership site where you can ask questions, get support, share insights, access resources and build community.

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Course focus

This part of the Soul Stream Client Breakthrough Method (SSCBM) will focus on YOU and your transformation. You cannot lead others down a path you have not traveled. The Course was designed so you can experience the Method for yourself.

Two tracks

Diploma track

This track is for everyone looking to find transformation in their lives. All students will learn components of the SOUL STREAM Life Map Assessment beyond what was included in the Introductory Course for you to provide comprehensive Soul Stream Life Map Assessments. You will also learn the SOUL STREAM Client Breakthrough Method Protocol through experiencing it for yourself during class sessions.

Certification track

This track contains additional materials for practitioners, so all practitioners are encouraged to enroll in this track. All practitioners will complete extra coursework that will lead to Certification in the Method.

Course expectations

Diploma Track for all Students

  • Attend and participate in 14 bi-monthly live online meetings.
  • Complete 7 monthly feedback surveys.
  • Practicum 1: Participants will conduct 10 practice Soul Stream Life Map Assessments
  • Practicum 2: Participants will take one practice person through a Soul Stream Coach & Mentorship: This is a 6 Session Series
  • Upon the successful completion of all course assignments for the Certification Track, students will become Certified by The Life Blessing Institute in the SOUL STREAM Client Breakthrough Method.
  • Live, on Zoom
  • 75 minutes per meeting
  • every 2 weeks for 7 months (a total of 14 Course Sessions)
  • Certification Students will meet with their practice clients for an additional 6 Sessions.
  • All Sessions will be recorded and available to review on a Course Materials page for six months after the Course ends.

All students:

  • The Awakening Process
  • Nine Pathways & Archetypes Integration
  • Inside-Out Life Creation
  • Soul Stream Frequencies Energetic Tool Kit
  • Soul Stream Assessment Facilitation Skills
  • Attunement & Resonance Energetic Tool Kit
  • And more!!!!
  • Practitioner & Client Alignment Protocol
  • Onboarding Clients
  • Transformational Session Container
  • Interview Skills
  • Guided Journey Facilitation
  • Guiding A Clearing Protocol
  • And More!!!!

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