LIFE: An Adventure In Trusting


Do you remember working hard to prepare for a test, maybe even cramming until the early morning hours and then showing up to take the exam filled with anxiety because you really didn’t think you would remember any of it and were so afraid of failing? This happened to me almost every time. Until my pencil hit the page and then I usually did know and often did very well on the test.

That is THE MOMENT. Right before I start taking the test or writing those first words, right before I move into action. This is the moment where I, all too often, pull back and wait.I wait for the total confidence, the knowledge, a clear plan for the future, the money, the perfect words… the list goes on and on.  While waiting the mind swirls in confusion and the longer I wait the more stuck or confused I feel.

I experience this every time I sit down to write to you, I experience a moment of paralysis because I don’t know what to say or I’m afraid of failing somehow. Why am I sharing this with you? If you are sitting in that stuck energy of waiting, just know that you will never get the clarity you think you need until you actually take the leap of faith, make a decision, immediately move into some kind of action and trust yourself to problem solve along the way of each next inspired action.

AND, March is International Women’s History month. I want to honor all the women, and amazing men, who have taken bold actions beyond their comfort zones to work for the freedoms that women in this country have today. I want to share with you my secret technique to help me get through that paralyzing moment.


Try this when you need to ignite your inner resolve to jump out of the nest and ‘just do it’.

The next time you want to make a decision but are in the ‘stuck place’, close your eyes and expand your awareness to include all the courageous souls and pioneers of the past, present and future who have made that leap.  See them leaping right along with you!

Gather up all that combined power and strength into your body and being, make your decision to take that next step and get your creative energy ball rolling through taking action right away.

And remember, LIFE IS NOT A TEST and no one is grading the outcome. Every decision is an A+ no matter what, as long as we learn from it and allow what we learn to inform our next choice and inspired action.

If you are a parent, know that your kids will see this and be much more likely to take the small risks necessary to expand into new realms of possibility in their lives too.


Learn to trust yourself to tap into your inner knowing and to make intelligent decisions fast. Trust yourself to be able to problem solve through anything that comes up as you take each inspired step into the unknown. TRUST Life to rise up and meet your courageous action with complete support of your next step, tiny or huge, today!!! There is a reason they call it a Leap of Faith.

P.S. If you are a Mom with a daughter interested in training to prepare yourself and your daughter for an empowered journey into womanhood OR a Woman with a calling to facilitate mother and girl empowerment courses in your community but have been WAITING to take an inspired action to make this dream come true. I ‘love dare’ you to ACT NOW.. Contact me (Georgette Star) to find out about our Beautiful You: From Girl to Woman trainings!!!