Embrace Autumn Equinox With A Prayer

In the Northern Hemisphere where I live it’s almost the Autumn Equinox, (September 21st). A natural opportunity to align with a Cosmic moment in our solar system, the Equinox brings a perfect balance between night and day, darkness and light.

The Autumn Equinox also invites us to consciously sync up with Mother Nature’s shift into the harvest season of her growing cycle and Fall’s quieter, more introspective energies. Here is my Autumn Equinox prayer for you. This prayer is relevant no matter what the season!

beyond all names and forms,
light up my crown!!!!
Help me to remember the royal nature of my Soul’s diamond LIGHT
is always available.
Bring clear guidance, healing presence, and great abiding love
into my human experience and understanding.
Infuse my diamond light crown with your comforting, illuminating presence.
Help me relax the mind and lean back into
the vibrant-creative-life-force coursing through me now.
Fill me with all the strength and energy needed to face and move through
Any heart-break, pain or challenge I face, learning as I go.
Inspire my capacity to be fully present amid the vibrant aliveness
of your manifest form as Mother Earth, my beloved Healer.
You, restore my soul when I go off track. Wrap me in your aliveness and beauty.

As I move through the Autumn Equinox threshold
help me perceive Your Great Light shining through every person
I see and within the crazy brokenness of this world.
As I harvest my blessings, guide me to know what and how to share
what I can give freely.
Help me let go of what is old done or no longer serves the highest good.
Like Autumn trees
help me to slowly, naturally, and gently let go of my old leaves.
As I celebrate Fall with an open grateful heart
and to FALL in love with you, in all.

A TOOL FOR YOUR HARVEST- An Invitation to Introspection, Rest, Harvest and Celebration

Below are some meditation or journal prompts that I channeled in to explore over the next couple of weeks. Perhaps one or two might be helpful to you or someone you know.

  • What are the harvest blessings in my life I’m most grateful for?
  • What are the subtle energetics within these blessings, beyond the obvious, that I can appreciate?
  • What does turning within, resting, and harvesting mean to me at this time of my life?
  • What stops me from turning within?
  • What stops me from resting?
  • What stops me from acknowledging and celebrating my blessings?
  • What do I need to get past these inhibitions to harvest, celebrate, rest?
  • What does my Soul most want me to know at this time of seasonal change?


I’ve been like a little squirrel gathering and harvesting Wisdom Pearls from the recent survey I conducted about a woman’s rite of passage from “aging into sage-ing”. This happened as I slowly prepare for my own rite-of-passage ceremony next summer. There is so much thought provoking goodness to share! To discover some of the Wisdom Pearls, from the wonderful beings who participated keep reading. The responses read like poetry to me and make my heart sing. I hope they touch and enrich you too.

If you could make up a title of your own, what would it be? Do you use or have you seen another name or “Title” that embodies this unique woman’s state of life that’s not on the list below?

  • Wise Woman Elder Mastering/Thriving older age.
  • Wisdom Source
  • Role Model Elder
  • Being a Wisdom Carrier puts me in direct communication with my Native American heritage and reminds me how important it is to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained over these many decades here on this earthly plain.
  • Wise beauty.
  • Life polished sparkling gem.
  • Living Legacy
  • Wise Woman Elder still seems the best to me.
  • Goddess of the violet flame.
  • I also like the name wisdom carrier and mentor.
  • HAG and Hagitude from Sharon Blackie’s fabulous book, a Hag with Attitude :)
  • Wise Woman of Grace.
  • Force…my daughters call me Force.
  • Wisdom keeper
  • I started a #riverlution in my hometown, there is nobody else who would do it, or could even try., and that’s why I like creatrix, because I’m making it up as I go, bigger trust than I ever thought I could, trying to remain the empty vessel through which divine will may flow.
  • Finding Yourself or Wisdom Unleashed.
  • I love Wise Woman Elder. I cannot help but think this embodies what our Act II will be. I want to move into this space. I also love the idea of the muse, the playful creative role of the woman and embracing our age as an asset.
  • I like Mage too. Like Ma who is a sage, right?
  • Glinda
  • Wisdom Woman
  • There’s an old Irish word, Oíde, which means teacher, educator, fosterer, that sort of thing. That resonates with me more than the other titles above. I’m not necessarily wise, don’t really care about the royalty bits or the magic bits, won’t ever be a grandmother. But I can pass on my life experience & hopefully help the next generations avoid the mistakes I made.
  • Wise Woman of Valor and Grace, Mother Love, Queen, Wisdom Pearl, Sage, Wisdom Carrier, Creatrix.

Many thanks to one of our survey contributors above who referred to this wonderful book, Hagitude, Reimagining the Second Half of Life by Sharon Blackie.


“The Inner Hag whose image we each carry within us reflects our own unique variety of wisdom,

*the gift that each of us has to offer this breaking and broken world, and our own particular brand of connection to the numinous.”