PROGRAM OVERVIEW: After over two decades of refinement in my private practice and for the first time ever, I’m going to teach others the SOUL-STREAM LIFE MAP CONSULTATION METHOD that has been so transformational for my clients and deeply fulfilling for me! This unique four month Pilot program will begin in mid January 2016 and will combine two tracks:
  • TRACK A: SOUL-STREAM: Life Map & Mastery Training: A Personal Transformation Journey that will include the selection of a focus based on your SOUL-STREAM: Life Map Consultation with Georgette Star prior to program start-up.
  • TRACK B: SOUL-STREAM: Life Map & Mastery Certification: Learn how to facilitate the transformation of others based on the SOUL-STREAM: Life Map & Mastery System.
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR SELF AT THE SOUL LEVEL: Enhance connection with Self, Source, and Inner Guidance System.
  • PARTICIPATE IN INTENTIONAL SELF-EVOLUTION: Determine and set your intention, for the highest priority of Self and life transformation, using a greater understanding about your “Life Purpose” and its unique gifts, challenges, and opportunities to contribute.
  • PARTNER WITH OTHERS TO PRACTICE CONSCIOUS LIFE CREATION: Experience increased empowerment as a conscious co-creator with evolutionary partners, within the amplified field of group support and structured accountability to support each other’s creativity, breakthroughs, and skill development.
  TRACK (B) INTENTIONS: LEARN HOW TO CONDUCT SOUL-STREAM: Life Map Consultations For Others. Deepen your ability to enrich relationships and empower others through developing the skill of attunement to the Higher Self and SOUL CODE of others as revealed through their SOUL-STREAM: Life Map.   PROGRAM MODULES: Activate Your Inner Guidance System: Learn/Deepen inner alignment principles and practices. Set up daily practice structure, accountability and agreements. Align With Your Life Purpose North Star: Explore your personal SOUL STREAM Life Map. Discover your unique answers to the perennial Life questions who am I, why am I here, what am I to do? Activate Your Co-Creative Partnership with Self, Others and the Divine:  Based on your Soul Map information and Life circumstance, name your personal transformation intentions and goals. Make a commitment to a process of manifestation. Determine the first steps of your action plan. Explore Humanities Collective Soul Map: 9-Universal Principles of Life Mastery and Leadership Archetypes: Deepen your understanding about the BIG PICTURE, Humanities Collective Soul Map and the science and art of Numerology, Sacred Numbers, Sacred Geometry. Learn How to Set up a SOUL-STREAM: Life Map Consultation: Learn how to set up and conduct a SOUL-STREAM: Life Consultation for self and others. This includes how to read and make connections between Life Purpose, Personality Structure, Natural Abilities, Karmic Lessons, Inclusion Table and Cycles Information. Ethics and Agreements Self as Instrument of Perception: Develop and practice skills and competencies required for giving SOUL STREAM: Life Map Consultations to others. The Art of Conscious Self-Evolution… Discover New Freedom Beyond The Limitations of the Past: Karmic Lesson Exploration, Healing and Integration Methods and Practice. Integration and Celebration: The Trans-formative Power of Being Witnessed and Celebrated.   TRAINING REQUIREMENTS:
  • Expect to spend at least 3 hours per week. This includes class time, time to complete assignments and to visit our on-line classroom. This does not include additional practicum hours for those who desire certification.
  • Must have ability and technology to attend all classes and participate on phone and video platform (most likely will be Zoom)
  • Willingness to be a thoughtful vision-storming partner for the development of program design and materials creation.
  • Attend online classroom where you will answer each week’s class evaluation directly after each class. You will also give 4 accountability check-in’s per week. The online classroom will be a place to share your experiences, needs, reflections, and support others by commenting on other people’s shares.
  • Group Presentation on 1 or 2 topics during our 4 months (15 minutes) to include presentation paper with references, which will be compiled into a resource document that you will need to conduct your consultations.
  • Optional ART project for personal SOUL-STREAM LIFE MAP integration.
  • At the end of the program, you agree to provide a program testimonial (preferably video).
  • Signed Program Contract
  • Complete Track A & B
  • Complete Practicum: Conduct 20 practice SOUL-STREAM: Life Map Consultations with documented feedback from clients.
  • Signed Certification Contract
  • You will receive a SOUL-STREAM LIFE MAP Consultation with Georgette Star prior to program start-up.
  • Recordings of all classes and access to download program materials.
  • Access to private on-line classroom site for all course materials and activities, beyond class meetings.
  LOGISTICS: Classes (range 60 to 90 minutes) will be held on Monday’s from 9:00 -10:00 Pacific 11th or 18th through April.  Classes will be a combination of phone and video conference calls on the “Zoom” platform. Further details to be announced. Tuition: To discuss tuition and other questions contact Georgette Star MA. D.Min   APPLICATION:  Coming Soon.