Life Purpose Archetype Number 1

I know who I am, and I take action!

If your Life Purpose is symbolized by Archetype Number 1:
You are a leader!

Life Purpose Archetype Number 1 is symbolized by a point of awareness – the Genesis, the first spark of energy emerging from the Original Source. Number 1 is the first energy that has been chosen to seek experience and establish an identity. Number 1 stands alone, and is independent and original, the start of any production.

 Jeanne Morris, Numerology: Spiritual Light Vibrations

LIFE BLESSING - Life purpose 1

In Sacred Geometry (1), the Number 1 can be symbolized by a sphere, circle, point, or straight line. The circle is most often used and represents the journey from the great Oneness through your lifetime to develop a distinct individuated “I AM”. Centered within the circle of your Self, you can experience unlimited potential and infinite possibility. From this field of potential and possibility, you will have creative original thoughts and ideas that will find meaning and form in your life.

For Archetype Number 1, the human spine can be thought of as a structure that supports you to stand up for yourself, so to speak. It is a guide for the central core channel of your energy body, enabling access to your Higher Self. This “infinite line of energy” is also considered to be the basis for the ancient Chakra System.

For the Archetype Number 1, when you are centered and aligned, you:

  • Enjoy doing your own thing in your own unique way
  • Are a natural trail blazer
  • Have the potential to be a pioneer
  • Are capable of original creative ideas
  • Thrive on taking action
  • Know you always have choices
  • Take responsibility for your choices
  • Are comfortable in a leadership role
  • Know who you are, what you want and are willing to go for it

When stressed, triggered, in need of healing or additional leadership skills, you may:

  • Feel insecure or inadequate when you compare yourself to others
  • Believe you are unworthy
  • Struggle with low self-esteem and lack self-confidence
  • Look outside yourself for guidance, direction and approval
  • Find it difficult to stand up for yourself
  • Blame, complain, and tend to believe others are responsible for your experiences
  • Be overly self-focused and have difficulty empathizing with others


Example of “leadership in action”

When Barack Obama was running for President in 2008, his slogan was “Yes WE Can”. He was calling to action the Leader archetype in each of his supporters, activating the Life Purpose Archetype Number 1: You are a Leader.

He was encouraging them to actively help him affect positive change in the world. This was a Life Purpose Archetype Number 1 example of Leadership in Action, calling forth the energies of I AM, I CAN, and I WILL.

If your Life Purpose is Archetype Number 1, then you may have felt this call deeply, and taken action to get involved with Barack Obama’s campaign, or his causes, or your local community activities and causes.

Has your involvement as a leader changed in any way with the current political climate?

Where have you noticed your willingness to get involved in leadership roles with projects, causes, and organizations? How do you experience your Leadership in Action?

Popular Examples of Archetype Number 1:

  • Star Wars creator George Lucas
  • Journalist and activist Maria Shiver
  • Astronaut Sally Ride
  • Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Actress Sally Field
  • Actor Tom Hanks

Famous Sayings that Exhibit Life Purpose Archetype Number 1: You are a Leader!

  • “To thine own self be true.” – Shakespeare (Hamlet)
  • I will be the one!
  • Just do it!
  • Yes, I can!

The Life Purpose of Leader is an energy that you came here to be. Like a radio station, you broadcast the energy of your Life Purpose 24-7, just because you exist. The expression of each Life Purpose Archetype will constantly evolve and influence your choices each day throughout your lifetime.