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Welcome to Your Soul Code Life Purpose Assessment

You are about to experience deeper insight into the truth of who you are and why you are here on earth; for yourself, and potentially for friends, family members and clients too. Let’s begin with you!

In the Soul Stream Life Map & Mastery System, a Number Archetype, derived from the soul-code of your birthday, month, and year symbolizes your LIFE PURPOSE. Before you type in your information and receive your LIFE PURPOSE ASSESSMENT, be sure to read through the important information below.


As you read through your LIFE PURPOSE ARCHETYPE ASSESSMENT, you will be initiated into knowledge and energy of one very important component of the multifaceted Jewel of You: your LIFE PURPOSE.

Here are a few things I’d like you to know about LIFE PURPOSE (LP) in general:

LIFE PURPOSE has been described by many terms, such as: your Sacred Purpose, Soul’s Agenda, Mission, Dharma, Calling, and Essential Nature. Your LIFE PURPOSE has two functions and expressions:

  • Your LP is an energy you came here to be and to broadcast like a radio station, just because you exist. This expression of LP energy shines through you into everything that you do.
  • Your LP manifests as your gifts and capacities and is expressed through action. It often takes the form of your vocation or career path.

The expression of your LP will evolve and change as you continue to learn and grow, until your very last breath! Conscious alignment with your Life Purpose Number Archetype is like having your own personal Guiding Star to help you navigate your life journey.

This knowledge will help you to evaluate and select from your many choices in life. Knowledge gained from understanding your Life Purpose Number Archetype will help you to know where you are headed and can help you get back on track when you wander off course.

Even when the storms of life blow you far away from your center, the light authentic motivation from your LP will help you find your way home to the truth of who you are.

There is a spectrum of development in the realm of each person’s Life Purpose: You may have been born closer to one end of the spectrum, with healing to accomplish in order to fully actualize your LP potential.

Perhaps you were born at the other end of the spectrum with your capacity for mastery already evident. Possibly, like most people, you could be somewhere in between. Wherever you are along this spectrum is perfect for you, and is in accordance with your divine design.


Ready? Let’s get started! Click on this LINK to discover your Life Purpose Number Archetype (I suggest you save this somewhere handy so you can quickly access this information for future use).

Once you know your “Number”, click HERE to download the “9 Pathways of the Soul” E-book . Have fun exploring your Life Purpose Number Archetype, and if you are a coach or healer, of those you serve.

Georgette Star MA. D.Min