Georgette Star MA, D.Min & The Life Blessing Institute

Georgette Star is Founder of the “LIFE BLESSING INSTITUTE”, a learning community dedicated to empower women, men, and youth on the “Path of Awakening” to create fulfilling purpose-driven lives and contribute to the creation of a better world through the actualization of their unique “Soul-Code”. As a “SOUL STREAM Life Coach and Trainer” Georgette guides her clients and students to discover the “Soul Code” that can be found in their “Soul Maps”. The “Soul Map” is an important tool of the “SOUL STREAM Life Map System”. Refined and passed on for many generations, this System illuminates an individuals birth template and has roots in “ancient sciences” including Numerology. Georgette learned this System from her own beautiful mother, and is a third generation practitioner of this methodology. A “Soul Map” provides guidance to reveal answers to deep questions such as: Who am I? Why am I here? And, What am I to do? It illuminates Life Purpose, Soul Needs, Natural Abilities, and Karmic Learning Pathways. With “map in hand”, Georgette supports her clients and students to make and maintain SOUL CONNECTION, transform karma into free energy, develop new capacities, and live in a flow of joyful aliveness. Over the past 18 years, LBI has offered a variety of educational programs for both youth and adults. Program examples include the youth empowerment programs: MAIDEN SPIRIT, PEACE-WARRIORS, and BEAUTIFUL YOU: From Girl to Woman and the on-line Summits, “Radiant Moms’ & Girls’ Revolution”, “Every Woman’s Mystical Treasure Chest”, and “COACHING MASTERY MAGIC World Summit”. Georgette’s current passion is to teach the “SOUL STREAM: Life Map and Mastery System” to Holistic Healers, Coaches, and Consultants.