Sara Kates-Chinoy, ND

Dr Sara believes in the potency of individualized medicine on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. For those ready for transformational change, the universe is ready to support your personal evolution! 

She offers trust in the process, acknowledging obstacles and allowing them to give way for inner truth and innate capacity to shine through and direct healing. Grateful to be a Soul Stream Coach and Mentorship Practitioner, she said it is her most joyful work with anyone with an opportunity to grow through life transition, emotional or physical challenge.

Sara is a naturopathic doctor and co-founder of Grain Integrative Health, a family primary care clinic in Portland where she depends on the innate wisdom of the body to guide physical healing on a daily basis. She has been training naturopathic students and residents in critical thinking and naturopathic medical decision making since 2008. Sara is a student of early childhood development, qi gong, sculpture, ultimate frisbee, comparative religion and cognitive science.

Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Anderson Wylie, ND

Dr Sarah Wylie, a Naturopathic Physician, specializes in physical medicine to restore health in organ systems. She has been working at weaving together the legacy work of 3 amazing healers, to form a vibrant expression of women’s health care. She has studied extensively with Dr Rosita Arvigo, in a specific lineage of Mayan medicine, with Tami Kent for holistic care of the pelvic floor & with Georgette Star in soul mentoring & archetypal energy medicine, and preparing girls for menarche. Sarah’s vision is to facilitate release of stored energy, so that whatever work you do is powered by a strong current of balanced feminine and masculine energy.

Joanna Present Wolfe , Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Joanna Present Wolfe has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine in NW Portland, Oregon, since 2011, with a focus on emotional and spiritual balancing for grief, depression, anxiety, and life transitions. She also offers Soul Stream Life Coaching, either in conjunction with acupuncture or on its own, based on client preference. Soul Stream uses body-centered awareness practices, visualizations, numerology, and the chakra system to remove personal obstacles and clarify your path forward in life. One of Joanna’s favorite Chinese medical dictums is that “the teacher is on the table.” She honors that you, the client, are the expert on how you feel, and that you have the power to restore your innate state of wellness in all dimensions of your being. Her first goal is always to listen.

“I love to help you identify and transform your obstacles, on the levels of both physiology and soul. It is a joy to assist you in formulating tangible goals and action steps toward your personal fulfillment. Whatever intention you set for yourself will be our guiding principle.”

Joanna is winner of a 2016 “People Love Us on Yelp” award and also the author of Leo and the Hidden Rainbow, the richly illustrated story of how one boy discovers his inner creative resources. Available on

Tracey Heartsun, CPCC

My name is Tracey Heartsun, Certified Life Coach since 2003, Graduate of the Life Blessing Institute in 2004, and most recently a graduate of The Soul-Stream Life Map & Mastery Program 2016.

I am Georgette’s program assistant and friend of 30 years. I was blessed to have found her as a young woman in my early 20’s and the wisdom teachings she has offered over many years has shaped my life dramatically. My spiritual journey began then and has guided my life since.

I am passionate about women’s empowerment, spiritual development and transformation. My destiny is that of the “Change Agent” and I find my calling to be a catalyst for change in my own life as well as the lives of others. Over the past 30 years I have participated and co-facilitated women groups, gatherings, retreats and events and find my greatest fulfillment and aliveness when doing so.

As a Life Coach I work with clients on a soul level. Discovering what the soul needs to be liberated and FREE to choose a life of fulfillment and love. I live in Boring, Oregon with my husband Dale, two dogs, and a family of ducks. I enjoy time in nature, nurturing and caring for animals and the planet. My greatest joy is the sisterhood I have in my life today…..something I wish for all women to experience and cherish.

Pamela Wirth, CPCC

I am proud mother of a delightful teen, a certified Life-and-Soul Coach and Forest Therapy guide. I’m also a rite of passage mentor for moms and girls, to help nourish and restore our essential feminine relationships. My work has evolved over the past 3 decades along with my spiritual practice and is motivated by deep love and care for Life. My background includes training with Jalaja Bonheim and her Institute for Circlework and certifications from Georgette Star’s Life Blessing Institute, The Coaches Training Institute, Feminine Power and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. I am a student of ‘modern mystic’ Thomas Hübl since 2013.

My great delight is to invite my clients outdoors. Here, under the trees, we can slow down, relax and align with our own true nature and sustainable flourishing.

Cecily Crow, PCC

Cecily Crow is an ICF certified personal and professional coach and a Soul Stream Practitioner. She uses mindfulness, somatic awareness, and positive psychology to help clients overcome the internal blocks that are holding them back from meaningful and fulfilling lives. As a purpose-seeker and former perfectionist, Cecily knows first-hand what it’s like to take the journey from emotional chaos to grounded presence and inner clarity. With a background in creative and entrepreneurial fields, Cecily guides artists, practitioners, and dreamers on a journey of transformation and reclamation. She loves nothing more than helping clients to feel confident, embodied, and resilient.

Jennie Sandberg, M.Ed., M.S., RYT, CLC

Jennie Sandberg is a certified Trauma Recovery Coach and Certified Life Coach who specializes in issues of identity and belonging. She received her Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University and her Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Antioch University in Keene, NH. Jennie is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique through the ACEP and is trained in a number of other modalities including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, expressive art, qigong, and yoga. For more information, please visit Jennie at Transformation Healing Arts.

Dana Krete, ND, Lac

Dana Krete, is a Naturopathic Physician and licensed acupuncturist. She uses a multidisciplinary approach to treatment including acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbs, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, lifestyle counseling, and nutritional counseling. Staying true to the roots of both Chinese and Naturopathic medicine, every patient is treated as a whole person and as an individual. 

She earned her Bachelor’s in Science, with a major in psychology, and double minor in biology and sociology, while completing her pre-medical education. With a passionate interest in health, wellness, nutrition, and the bio-psycho-social model of health and disease, she went on to complete a 7-year post-graduate education, earning a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of Acupuncture at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon in 2009. She has practiced in Connecticut for 12 years since completing her post graduate studies. She is the founder of Fernwood Holistic Health in Westbrook, CT.

As a certified Soul Stream practitioner Dana is looking forward to integrating this powerful and transformative system into her practice.  It will fit perfectly into the holistic approach she uses with patients and clients, providing even more opportunities for the whole person to heal, grow, and evolve.

PJ Hirabayashi

PJ is a practitioner and cultural wisdom keeper of “Taiko”—the Japanese drum. A teacher, composer, artivist, community organizer, and mentor, Taiko has been her life path for nearly 50-years. PJ is the founder of TaikoPeace (‘Peace’ is the acronym for Partnerships, Empathy, AND, Creative Empowerment), a movement to spread compassion and the transformational power of Japanese taiko drumming for positive social change for the greater good and a peaceful world.

PJ says this about her journey with taiko: “Taiko is my “voice” to be loud and heard. It is my embodiment to break my invisibility and silence and to step into liberation, self-confidence, authentic power, healing, and joy.” She explores co-creative potential through the drum, music, movement, spoken word, haiku, mandalas, and collaboration. “Energy” is at the core of her philosophy. “Where intention goes, energy flows.” For PJ, the Soul Stream Coach and Mentorship protocol aligns beautifully with energy work, like taiko, and creative expression. It offers individuals to unfold and uncover their higher potential, interdependence, and peace.

PJ makes her home in San Jose Japantown, California on the land of the Muwekma Ohlone. She was honored to be awarded for her work in taiko with her partner, Roy, the National Endowment for the Arts “Heritage Fellowship”, America’s highest honor in folk and traditional arts.

Lori Horan Soule, ND, LAc,

Lori Horan Soule, ND, LAc, has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine and Five Element acupuncture since 1998. She has recently added the Soul Stream Coaching Method because she has always been called to understand the deepest layers of how symptoms develop, and how to speed healing. Now she also uses the Soul Stream Coaching Method to provide a quick and effective way to deepen understanding of illness and a rapid path to healing. She is currently in private practice at Soule Health Care in Portland, Oregon.

Rose Beeching 

Rose Beeching has explored and studied different wisdom teachings and modalities over the past few years on a personal quest for spiritual expansion and to discover a more Soul aligned way to contribute to the collective evolution of humanity. Honored to have qualified as a Soul Stream Client Breakthrough practitioner, Rose feels blessed to have been guided to Georgette’s work. Having trained as a Soul Realignment (TM) Akashic Record reader she discovered a passion for connecting people with their Soul level gifts and helping them to bring greater awareness to limiting karmic patterns that restrict their expansion to the next level of Divine Self-Expression.

The Soul Stream method blends seamlessly with the Akashic Record readings, providing clients with even greater insights regarding their Soul purpose and patterns of behavior they are here to learn from and grow beyond. Her signature program, The Divinepreneur Business Method, uses wisdom from the Akashic Records to help entrepreneurial women in the coaching and transformational space to leverage their Soul gifts within every aspect of their business and uncovers their unique Soul level design for manifestation.

Liane Moccia, RH (AHG)

Liane Moccia, RH (AHG) is a Registered Clinical Herbalist who specializes in fertility, preconception planning, hormone balance, stress, and sleep. Liane’s approach to health is simple and holistic. Using traditional herbal knowledge, the latest scientific research, she combines herbs with lifestyle, dietary changes, and the Soul Stream Method to help optimize health and wellness. Liane’s own infertility diagnosis led her to the healing power of plants and ultimately a career change to help others on similar journeys. You can learn more about working with Liane on her website: