Do you ever feel…

… that you’ve hit a ceiling on client results and want to go deeper, but not sure how? Maybe you’re ready to incorporate a deeper Soul-Work dimension that can lead your clients to breakthrough results. When a person is born, they’re given a “Soul Code” that informs their sense of purpose, what fulfils them, their natural abilities and potential contribution to Life (called a SOUL STREAM Life-Map).  Imagine for a moment you were crystal clear about your client’s natural strengths, abilities, and Life lessons even before beginning your work together? And, what if, with your clients’ SOUL STREAM Life Map in hand you also had a step-by-step method for catalyzing transformation and life change much more effectively? The great news is that identifying your clients’ SOUL STREAM Life Map and guiding them to profound and lasting change is not as hard as you may think. And, when you learn this unique method, you will become an even more potent agent of change.

During PART 1 of this course you’ll not only learn about YOUR SOUL STREAM Life Map, but also how to use this tool with your clients so you can…

Create a deep connection with prospective clients to more easily turn introductory consultations into new clientsHelp your clients overcome their biggest blocks faster and easierGain a key to inspire your clients so they take action and create the outcomes they desireHelp your clients get amazing results, so you can create greater impact and contribution The SOUL STREAM Client Breakthrough Method evolved from learning the 9 Pathways of the Soul, representing nine distinct realms of human development, as a young girl in my mother’s kitchen and over three decades in private practice as a Coach & Healer. Throughout childhood, I sat and listened to my Mom and Godmother discuss the Life-Maps of family and friends based on this body of knowledge. Their conversations inspired my young heart and planted the seeds of my calling. Mom became my teacher and mentor. She taught me how to read at the Soul Code a Life Map. And she inspired me to discover that guiding others into awareness of their “Soul Code”, the truth, beauty and power of who they truly are, is the fulfillment of my own Life Purpose! In April of 2016, my Mom made her transition from this world into the Great LIGHT. It fills my heart with immense joy to contribute the GIFT of wisdom she passed on to me, so I can in turn support so many practitioners and transformational leaders. I’m excited to help you unlock the beautiful mystery that is YOU, with knowledge and a methodology that has the potential to transform your life and empower those whom you love and serve. Georgette Star MA. D.MinSOUL STREAM Coach & Method Trainer

SOUL STREAM Client Breakthrough Method, Part 1, FOCUS

Understanding the archetypes associated with the nine distinct realms of human development and YOUR personal soul code will be the essential focus of this course.NOTE: During Part 1 of the course you will learn the body of knowledge required for Part 2 of the course.

So that you can…

Tune into your most authentic self, the truth of who you are and why you are hereGain trust in your Life Purpose to help navigate your life with more ease and flowDiscover how to more fully own your talents and abilitiesDevelop your intuition through discovering a unique “Mastery Key” for each of the 9 Pathways to powerfully support your personal integration of the course contentConnect with your deepest sources of motivation to succeedUnderstand your learning challenges and identify missing skill development so you can consciously heal or work through them so you can consciously healGain clarity and the confidence that comes with the knowledge of your Soul CodeExplore how to apply the Soul Code information to increase understanding and harmonious relationships with friends, family, colleagues, clients

Take your practice to the next level of insight and effectiveness by learning how to offer a basic “Soul Code” Session for your clients, so that you can…

Connect with your clients quickly and deeply in a way that is exciting and empoweringGenerate greater trust as clients feel deeply seen and acknowledgedEmploy a tool for understanding underlying motivations, needs, challenges and resourcesIlluminate your client’s path of healing, self-actualization, and greatest contributionAchieve faster, sustainable results in order to have a successful and profitable business and practice


As you learn about the SOUL STREAM Life Map, you’ll discover the 9 archetypes of human development found within the “numbers” of your full name at birth and birthdate. You’ll get clarity on your personal Soul Code and Life Purpose. And, if you’re a practitioner or other transformational leader, you’ll also learn how to offer your clients a basic Life Purpose Consultation.

“It deepens understanding of what someone comes to earth to learn, where they might get stuck and where their genius is.”

This course will give you look at a person’s soul DNA based on the name and birthdate. It deepens understanding of what someone comes to earth to learn, where they might get stuck and where their genius is. It helps to understand core psychic battles as well as personal mastery characteristics. It helps to know what to accept, what to work on, and how to get unstuck. It works for us personally as well as for our clients. Lori Soule ND  

“The Soul Steam Life Map can become a guide for the whole coaching relationship”

For a coach, a client’s soul code is a fantastic assessment tool! Because the information from the Life Map is so accurate, there is an instant connection, confirmation and validation, which is a great base for a relationship with a client. The Soul Steam Life Map can become a guide for the whole coaching relationship and open up clear pathways for my client’s evolution and my coaching. Pamela Wirth CPCC Certified Soul-Stream Life Map Consultant  

“This knowledge has helped me connect with my patients, and help them to view themselves with beauty, wonder and respect.”

Mathematicians recognize that everything in our world can be described by math. Soul Stream Life Map Method takes this to the next level, describing our soul fingerprints and life lessons. The knowledge has helped me connect with my patients, and help them to view themselves with beauty, wonder and respect. The support for activating my “Number 8” Archetype for manifesting in my work has been phenomenal. My skill development has been activated by my increased understand of my natural abilities as described by my numbers. I feel confident to step into my ability and claim it! Sarah Wylie ND Certified Soul Stream Life Map Consultant  

“I think they are the clearest explanations I have yet heard of the archetypes. Bravo!”

I want you to know I have really been enjoying the numbers presentations from the SOUL STREAM Life-Map & Mastery 8-week Course, they are excellent transmissions that have really clarified my understanding of the numbers. I think they are the clearest explanations I have yet heard of the archetypes. Bravo! It’s a very welcome deepening of my knowledge to experience them and gather my inner keys for each number. Joanna Present-Wolfe Certified SOUL STREAM Coach, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist Portland, Oregon  

“Understanding my client’s sense of purpose…makes it possible for me to relate in a way where they feel deeply seen, heard, acknowledged.”

Understanding my client’s sense of purpose, what brings them joy, where they struggle deeply, and the power of their inner resources and strengths makes it possible for me to relate in a way where they feel deeply seen, heard, acknowledged. This creates a relationship dynamic of trust and safety, so important for any true transformation to happen within. Tracey Heartsun CPCC Certified Soul-Stream Life-Map Consultant  

“The course provided a useful framework to guide clients to unlock their unlimited potential.”

This course has given me a confirmation of my own intuitive guidance and soul purpose. A useful framework to create deeper awareness in my clients and to know how to guide them to unlock their unlimited potential. I’m so grateful for you Georgette Star Elena Estanol Ph.D. Performance Psychologist & Business Mentor   Here’s what Melissa Shaw has to say!


Module 1: Orientation & Introduction:Learn how to participate in the course. Gain “Big Picture” understanding about the Journey of the Soul through the Nine Pathways of Human Development.Module 2: Pathway of the Soul Number 1 & 2:Discover the Leader & Peace Maker Archetypes through images, instruction and guided inner journey.Module 3: Pathway of the Soul Number 3 & 4:Discover the Artist and Builder Archetypes through images, instruction and guided inner journey.Module 4: Pathway of the Soul Number 5 & 6:Discover the Change Agent and Care Provider Archetypes through images, instruction and guided inner journey.Module 5: Pathway of the Soul Number 7 & 8:Discover the Scientist-Mystic and Manifestor Archetypes through images, instruction and guided inner journey.Module 6: Pathway of the Soul Number 9:Discover the Humanitarian Healer Archetype through images, instruction and guided inner journey.Module 7: Master Numbers 11 & 22:Discover the Inspired Messenger and Master Builder Archetypes through images, instruction and guided inner journey.Module 8: Learn how to offer “CORE JEWEL Soul Code Readings” For Others


As a participant you will receive: Course presentations will arrive in your email inbox every Wednesday for 8-weeks enabling you to learn in your own time frame each weekLifetime access to the online calculator for quick access to “Soul Code” information for your work with clients9 PATHWAYS OF THE SOUL E-book and Additional Course Materials Part 1 of the Soul Stream Client Breakthrough Method is now available as a Home Study Course


Learning the Soul Steam Life Map Archetypes has been a pivotal turning point for me as it has helped me to help others embrace their unique soul gifts. I have learned so much from taking this course. I already use it in my practice. Jennie Sandberg, Ed.M., M.S.  


I’m so glad the Universe led me to this course and I hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey to connect with this highly expansive body of knowledge. I am really excited to go deeper with this work and to explore how this awareness of my Soul’s Core Jewel can provide me with a guiding light as I evolve and move forwards during this lifetime. I am fascinated by the different archetypal energies that influence and shape our lives and this course has provided a beautiful new avenue to explore this ancient wisdom in greater depth. The teaching style was wonderful, so warm and uplifting. I really appreciated the moments of lightness and playfulness too. The presentations were really unique and I found the visual collage of images really supported a more embodied experience of the content. I loved the intimacy of the small group and I enjoyed people sharing their experiences, photos and other integrative activities. Overall, I felt the unfolding of the course was really balanced and it came to a really nice completion following the final module. Great gratitude to Georgette for sharing her knowledge so graciously and for opening up a new and exciting journey for me! Rose Beeching  


This is my second time taking this course. Each time I have appreciated the beauty and clarity with which Georgette teaches. I love the wisdom of this system and cannot wait to learn more. Rachel Hess, ND


This was my second time taking the course and what a great review. I enjoyed deepening my understanding of the Soul Stream Life Map Archetypal patterns and applying what I learned to challenge points for myself and for my clients.  Bringing awareness to challenge points really speeds growth and breakthroughs for everyone! Lori Soule, ND, Lac  


It is an honor and privilege to work with artists in collaboration and in co-creativity where we can consciously raise the vibration of PEACE: “Partnerships in Empathy and Creative Empowerment”. The Soul Stream Life Map Assessment tool is so valuable for relationship building and for deeper discovery as we create together. PJ Hirabyashi  


It’s not that easy for me to write a testimonial for the Soul Stream Client Breakthrough Method Introductory Course because it is a culmination of many years of learning and playing in the soul code field with Georgette in a variety of ways, including helping her write text about the Soul Code Archetypes. Picking out something specific I’ve gained from taking it is like choosing one wildflower out of a cast of thousands. What I can say, is that after all these years (17), there is still new information to be accessed and embodied. I’m very much looking forward to what shows up when I tune into the Soul Code Archetypes with the added benefit of understanding better how to offer this information to others. Melissa Shaw