All Card Reading

One way to use “All Card Reading” is as method to learn about the Journey of the Soul & the 9 Pathways of the Human Potential, the body of knowledge embedded within the Soul Code Illumination Card Deck. Go through each suit and explore card at a time.

Another way to use an “All Card Reading” is as a “Creativity Stimulator”. The “All Card Reading” gives you the opportunity to access the entire deck of cards, which includes all the Number Archetype Suits and the Alignment Suit, to stimulate your creativity! Similar to writer’s prompts that help to get writer’s to just start putting words down on a page, these cards can be used as prompts for inspiring and exploring new ideas and possibilities for any endeavor you are engaged in.

Tune into a creative project you desire guidance about, scroll though the card suits and let your intuition guide you. Open up the suit and then click to shuffle and select your cards and then explore what this image and its meaning bring up for you.

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