The Survey Is Now Over. Stay Tuned for the Results!!!

If you are interested in “Spiritual Awakening” it’s likely you have been on your path of “Awakening” for many years or you are new to the path but had a powerful introduction.

My journey of conscious “Awakening” began at a very young age. It was, and continues to be, an incredible journey with many phases, layers, stages and experiences, some challenging and others joyous as I imagine it has been for you too.

As I mentioned in your email invitation, the initial inspiration for creating this survey, which includes a list of “Awakening Process” (AP) effects, came from observation of myself and from coaching clients, and it especially arises from a desire to acknowledge and make sense of my own experiences with the “Awakening Process”.

I believe many of the realizations and joys, as well as the difficulties could have been easier to accept and integrate if I had understood my experiences (especially the challenging effects) as evidence of a much larger and ultimately desirable process! With this knowledge, I might have been able to better identify the need for resources, support, and assistance through the uncomfortable or difficult places and guidance throughout this process as it unfolded earlier along the way.



  • EFFECTS OF THE AWAKENING PROCESS: To identify & describe the effects of the AP in order to “normalize” them as components of this process rather than evidence of something abnormal or wrong.
  • SUPPORT AND RESOURCES: To formally gather additional information about the AP experience, and to get a sense of what people desire in terms of support and resources
  • ANALYZE RESULTS AND CREATE A RESOURCE: To follow an evaluation of the survey results with the creation of an AP Effects eBook that includes an “AP Checklist” as a resource for the Awakening Process Experience.
  • PARTICIPATION GIFT: To offer the AP Effects eBook as a “Participation Gift” for survey responders for use both as a Practitioners guide and a resource for anyone experiencing effects of the “Awakening Process”.


Awakening is an ongoing process, a verb that ultimately leads to freedom, peace of mind and happiness in daily living. Embodied or integrated Awakening is sometimes described as enlightenment or the spiritual evolution and embodiment of Consciousness.

The Urban Dictionary defines Spiritual Awakening as a shift in consciousness, a perception of reality which had been previously unrealized. The culmination of such realizations is in the recognition of Self as all that is.

The Awakening Process has been described in many ways including, “Self Realization”, the “Ascension Process”, or “Kundalini Awakening”. These terms suggest that, through a transformative process, we wake up from our sense of limitation, lack, and separation into the realization and embodiment of “Higher Self”.

Higher Self realization has been described by many terms throughout time and cultures. Although any name we use only serves as a pointer to that which is beyond concepts and language to define, here are just a few:

  • Ground of Being
  • Ultimate Reality
  • God
  • Truth Self with a capital “S”,
  • All that IS
  • Source
  • Higher Power
  • The Universe, and many more!!!!


Every individual’s “Awakening Process” will be a continuum of phases that unfold throughout a lifetime, unique and specific to each person. The “Awakening Process Effects Survey” you’re about to begin includes a list of possible more common effects of the “Awakening Process”. Since this list is not comprehensive, you may not find your experience represented fully. There will be a place on this survey for you to contribute any additional “Awakening Process” effects you may have experienced.

Confidentiality: The survey results will be reported in the aggregate. The individual answers of each survey respondent will never be associated with individualy identifying information.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. To receive the “Participation Gift” you will be asked to include your email address so it can be delivered to you when the project is complete.


This survey is a “work in progress”. Please do not use the material or distribute without permission.