The 8 most “frequently” experienced “Awakening Process Effects”:

  1. Feeling centered in the heart, radiating love devotion, compassion and gratitude

  2. Ability to shift from fear and resistance to acceptance of “what is”

  3. Need for more time alone

  4. Previously accepted “spiritual”, “scientific”, or “cultural” resources such as spiritual teachers, through leaders, literature, media, summits, etc, have been losing their importance or relevance

  5. Less of a need for “others” or validation from outside in order to feel whole, complete, or loved

  6. Ability to witness and feel challenging emotions without identifying with them and the ability to take responsibility for my reactions

  7. Only present time exists… living in the moment

  8. Reduction of mental chatter, such as the ability to use and focus the mind as needed without mental distractions

Highest % “occasionally” experienced:

  • Increased awareness of limited or destructive beliefs and underlaying behaviors yet still acting on them (90%)
  • Feeling ungrounded, confused, or disoriented (80%)
  • Stress symptoms such as heart palpitations, adrenaline rush, anxiety, etc. (80%)
  • Uncomfortable energy movement and sensations in the body (80%)

How would you describe the main “Awakening Process” effects are you experiencing now or have experienced?

  • As a coming home to myself, over and over again. Throughout the process, I’ve felt disoriented, confused, scared, and frustrated, and yet, around each corner has been a deeper sense of self and knowing and trust in the unfolding of life
  • More access to Love and to my heart, aligned feeling of energy moving through me as me, better discernment of the Light vs. my ego patterns, expanded desire for devotional practice and not to “settle” for the parts of me not aligned to Truth
  • Less fear, greater freedom, more sense of connection and trust in life, clearer perception of other human beings, better boundaries, personal empowerment
  • Moments of hyper-presence, vividness of sensory experience, inner peace, release from judgment of self or others, calm mind, open hearted compassion for all life
  • Enhanced sense of well-being, more coherent communication, improved skill of creating and holding boundaries, more stable and enduring relationships, sense of enhanced joy not tied to external occurrences
  • I notice that as I have become more in tune with myself and have felt some peace, that I am really aware when things feel off.
  • A pervasive sense of well-being and a natural High that is in place moment to moment. Things seem to be moved by a natural, unfettered Flow and even when feeling uncomfortable things, a sense of holding it all in equanimity.
  • Realizing how many people aren’t awake. Trying to stay non-judgmental and focused on why I’m here instead of what they’re not getting.
  • Developing the ability to recognize the difference between fear and pure acceptance of “what is”. When I operate from fear I operate from the limited perceptions and senses. When I operate from acceptance I am open to all possibility in any given moment. Intuition can then take root. Initially, the effects of letting go of egoic structures can seem confusing and emotionally painful. Letting go of ego identity structures can feel like life or death. I guess in a way it is a death. The death of my identification with my physical body or limited beliefs from indoctrination. Liberation comes when we see the illusions we keep ourselves trapped in and surrender to “what is” from a feeling perspective.
  • Continuing recognition of patterns, particularly ancestral, and how they have affected my subconscious. And how that has affected my current state in life.
  • I am feeling much more connected to all that is. A sense of peace about my life and all that comes each day. Less anxiety and worry about how to live, what is to come and how to be.