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The “Creativity Stimulator” gives you the opportunity to access the entire deck of cards, which includes all the Number Archetype Suits and the Alignment Suit, to stimulate your creativity! Similar to writer’s prompts that help to get writer’s to just start putting words down on a page, these cards can be used as prompts for inspiring and exploring new ideas and possibilities for any endeavor you are engaged in.

Tune into a creative project you desire guidance about,
scroll though the card suits and let your intuition guide you to pick one that attracts you. Click to shuffle and select your cards and then explore what you chose brings up for you.


The creatively adorned person is offered as a metaphoric mirror to encourage appreciation for and expression of your divine uniqueness and capacity for creative thinking. The dandelion with a sun as the center symbolizes the radiant potency of your creative seed thoughts. The forested mountain emanates the strength and grounded confidence required to plant, cultivate, and harvest your creations.

Tune in. Notice the places and relationships where you hold back. It’s time to show up and shine your true colors and inspire others with your freedom to be. Permission to show up in life even more uniquely you has been granted.

I am wonderfully unique! I honor myself and humanity by expressing myself as wild, free, and original as I can be. I love inspiring others to be radically authentic. Be Uniquely You is now activated.

Cheetah is the fastest land animal with a recorded speed of up to 75.0 mph, symbolizing the ability to follow your instincts and spring into Action. A traffic light just turning green is offered as a metaphor for the prompting of your inner guidance.

Tune in. It’s time to burst forward as a movement of vivacious creative Energy. One small choice and action in the direction of your intention will instigate creative momentum and will grow until your “idea” becomes a reality. Feel the Joy of moving through “waiting and inertia” and GO FOR IT!!!!!

I take Action, like an arrow flying to its mark! I honor myself and humanity through my brave willingness to blaze new trails. My superpower of inspired Movement is now Activated.

Number Archetype “1” is symbolized by a sphere, circle, and straight line. The sphere represents the universal principles of unity and wholeness. The circle symbolizes the Soul’s journey through incarnation to develop a distinct individuated and independent sense of self, to generate ideas, take action, and evolve leadership skills and capacities. The straight line is your very own backbone!

Tune in to a question, situation, or intention which inspired you to select this card. You are being invited to remember you have the power to envision and choose. Take charge and take action!

I am the leader of my own life. Whole and complete, independent, and capable of creative and original thinking. I honor myself and humanity through authenticity. I Am, I Can, I Will are now activated.

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Number Archetype “2” is symbolized by a shape like the Taoist yin-yang symbol. It is a visual portrayal of duality expressed as all pairs of opposites in harmony – day and night, male and female, hot and cold, black and white. It represents a symbol of peaceful partnering and the peacemaker in me.

Tune In. Join with your world in a gentle calm state of being, like a still lake. Expand to embrace the opposites or differences in yourself, others, and situations. A higher level of inner peace with others is possible and can be attained.

I am a peacemaker who prioritizes my own peace! I honor myself and humanity by facilitating peaceful partnering and collaboration. I work through any disturbance to a higher level of peace and successful outcomes. When I am at Peace, so are We is now activated.

Even with obvious differences, a dog and cat can be great friends! When relating peacefully through the common ground of shared instincts, they symbolize our human potential to respect and celebrate diversity. The celtic knot is composed of strands of rope woven into harmonious patterns. This represents peace-making skills needed to untangle knots of conflict and discord in order to create something even more beautiful.

Tune In. Prioritize your own harmony! Navigate and coordinate many different, even conflicting issues into coherent wholeness by honoring differences through finding the common ground. Diplomatic communication skills and the ability to hold multiple perspectives will help you be the harmony you want to see in any situation. Remember, your own harmony is essential!

I am a harmony lover. I honor myself and humanity through sensitivity to my feelings and needs. I create and protect harmony for all by maintaining respectful boundaries. Harmonize Difference is now activated!!!

Kwan Yin, goddess of compassion, represents the feminine principle for all genders. In one hand she holds a rainbow yin-yang symbol of balanced polarities. The other hand offers a gesture of blessing. She is pure stillness and unconditional peace. Doves appear around her as messengers and emissaries of compassion.

Tune In. Enter compassion’s embrace. Invite a moment of stillness and profound receptivity. Take a deep breath. Really do it. Find the calm center within the storm of thoughts and emotions, and actions. Gentle kindness and open-hearted wisdom will guide you to a higher level of compassionate acceptance.

I am compassion. I honor myself and humanity through expressing profound acceptance. I embrace, contain, nourish, and flow like water in and around and through any obstacle. Compassionate Embrace is now activated.

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Butterfly Child dances in a warm breeze, simply and fully present. With attention absorbed in creation’s beauty, the child dances with life as transformative creative energy. Joy bubbles up in the pleasure of spontaneous, unselfconscious expression. A playful free child, dancing on the path of beauty without a care in the world, in the world but not of it.

Tune in. Wiggle your toes. Reach for the stars. Sparkling eyes and the laughing spirit of the magical child are looking out your eyes. See with eyes of wonder. Find beauty and creative possibility in the situation at hand, no matter how it appears. Infuse beauty and incredible lightness of being into your dance.

I am joyous, creative energy in motion. I honor myself and humanity through perceiving beauty and possibility even in the impossible places. Like Butterfly Child, I transform life through my dance. Beauty Dancing is now activated.

Dolphin leaps from the ocean deep, a symbol of the flow-state sometimes referred to as being in the zone. Dolphin represents energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment of the journey. Traveling with a pod of playmates, Dolphin invites being in the flow just for the fun of it.

Tune in. The dolphin pod circles around you. Soon you will be swimming together in the ocean of pure being and co-creativity. Relax now and let go of the tensions that bind you. Leap from beneath the waves into the bright blue sky. Splash down, dive down, and surface once again. Dolphin reminds you to bring play into your life.

I am creative energy flowing and free. I honor myself and humanity through total immersion in the ocean of now. Playful Flowing is now activated.

Number Archetype “3” is symbolized by a triangle and represents creative expression. The three lines represent trinities: Past – Present – Future; Birth – Life – Death; Father – Son – Holy Spirit; Maiden – Mother – Crone; Body – Mind – Spirit. It is the universal principle of Mother-Father-Child, thus representing the human capacity for creative expression.

Tune In. Feel into the emotions, intuitive impressions, and inspiration swirling under the surface of your awareness. Express what you discover and free up your creative energy in a powerful way.

I am the artist of my life! I honor myself and humanity through free flowing creative and emotional expression. Creative Expression Gives Birth to Joy is now Activated.

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Radiant life force flows through this beautiful tree. Roots penetrate and intertwine with the fertile earth below, making it possible for vibrant green leaves to reach up and draw in the light. Trees represent your ability to send down roots, be firmly grounded, stable, and well in all dimensions of the human experience: body, mind, heart & soul, relationship, work, and finances.

Tune in. The tree spirit is here to invite you to increase awareness of your body’s sensation and perceptions. Take in the view. What do you see? What do you hear? Notice sensations where your body touches another object, perhaps a chair or the floor. If you can, stand barefoot on the Earth. Or…imagine you are a tree. Re-establish your connection with a grounded stable presence.

I am stable. I honor myself and humanity as an expression of that which is unchanged regardless of changing circumstances. Like a powerful rooted tree, no matter what storm may pass through, I remain rooted. Multidimensional Stability is now activated.

Number Archetype “4” is symbolized by a square. The four sides represent aspects of life that give a sense of stability. These remain constant and dependable: the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter); the cardinal directions (east, south, west, north); the cycles of human life (birth, child, adult, death); the primary elements (earth, air, fire, water). It represents strong and enduring structures in all dimensions of life.

Tune In. Stabilize your foundation for the project at hand. Envision a sturdy landing pad several feet below you and call in deeper roots of support for your physical strength and creative process. Make a plan and begin implementation.

I am a builder who loves stable order. My work is love in action. I honor myself and humanity through attention to the practical needs of every situation. Build a Solid Foundation is now activated.

Ancient Wise Elephant luxuriates in a tropical jungle, emanating strength, stability, and security. Elephants do simple jobs that help maintain the entire ecosystem in healthy balance. Living in communities and tribes, elephants are very social, known for compassionate and altruistic treatment of others. Elephant symbolizes the security derived from doing simple, often mundane jobs required to build and maintain security. Elephant also works with others to create the security needed to thrive.

Tune in. Imagine the elephant’s large strong body, intelligent brain, and emotional sensitivity as your own. Elephant invites you to remember you are strong, devoted, and capable of doing the work required for the task at hand. Drawing this card is also a reminder to secure your foundation and allow others to help and support you.

I am strong and secure. I honor myself and humanity by doing what needs to be done to complete tasks and nurture connections. Luscious Security is now activated.

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The wild horse runs full out, tail streaming behind, joyfully reveling in the exhilarating freedom of movement. Heart pumping, senses fully engaged, momentum can follow all paths. No river, no canyon, no fence is too tall or too wide to overcome. When the momentum finally slows the wild horse is fundamentally changed even if the outer landscape appears the same.

Tune in. Expand all of your senses to encompass the limitless world around you. Feel the power within you to move through any obstacle on your path of discovery. Recognize that a paradigm shift is coming. Realize that even though the world may be unchanged in this moment, change within will be reflected in the world around you.

I am the change I want to see. I honor myself and humanity through embracing new paradigms. I maintain a sense of effortless movement beyond any limitation. Boundless Freedom is now activated.

Number Archetype “5” is symbolized by a five-pointed star. Referred to as a pentagram, it represents the human being on a wheel of evolution that gathers new life experiences through change. Imagine the energy of this archetype as a wheel rolling through life on a fantastic adventure with the intention to bring in the new!

Tune In. Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, or are you moving right along? You are invited to open your heart and mind to progressive change. Take a leap through the gateway of the unknown and discover new freedom.

I am curious, adventurous, and a catalyst for change. I honor myself and humanity by facing and transforming limitations, inside and out. Embrace Change and Progress is now activated.

Butterfly flutters by, immersed in the pleasure of drinking the sweet nectar of flowers, appreciating the touch of the wind under its wings. Deep inside it remembers the earthbound caterpillar self of its youth; remembers the transforming confines of the cocoon; remembers the divine pressure to emerge and fly. Butterfly is now free to fly, to enjoy its full potential and fulfill all its butterfly dreams.

Tune in. You are in a process of change, something is coming, and the possibilities are endless. Let the confines of the transformative cocoon enfold you until you are ready to push through the veil and push vital lifegiving energies into your wings. Allow yourself to be surprised by the potential of what you are becoming. It will soon be time to fly.

I embrace my full potential. I honor myself and humanity by acknowledging that transformative change is a process, that natural effort may be required. I trust in the process. Emerging Possibilities is now activated.

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The wise one shines with the radiant abiding heart knowing of unconditional love and wisdom. Heartlight pulses in tune with the rhythm of the infinite, filling both the inner and outer universe with the warmth of blissful absorption in love. The heart rose unfurls, releasing the healing fragrance of compassionate kindness and empathy.

Tune in. Your heart knows and the voice of the heart speaks the truth. Knowledge of the compassionate heart is free of past, present, and future. It is timeless, seamless, and boundless. Ask, “What is love’s perspective?” Rest in the golden warmth of this wise loving presence and guidance.

I am the intimate embrace of compassionate loving presence. I honor myself and humanity as I open my heart for unconditional love and wisdom to shine on, in, and through me into the universe. Heart Knowing is now activated.

Number Archetype “6” is symbolized by a six-pointed star. Called a hexagram, it is composed of two superimposed triangles – the one pointing up represents masculine principles and the one pointing down represents feminine principles. They are unified in harmonious embrace. This mystical union represents the intimacy of two or more becoming one on the path of love, service, and responsibility in all forms of expression.

Tune In. Your loving intention and embrace will transform and resolve contracted energy into empathy, relatedness, and presence. Enter more deeply onto the path of the open, harmonious intimate heart.

I am love’s radiance and offer myself in service to others. I honor myself and humanity through nurturing and protecting the beauty of an open heart in my relationships. Love’s Radiance is now activated.

The koala mama caring for its baby reminds us of the instincts and characteristics native to any cosmic caregiver. Sensing across multiple dimensions, the cosmic caregiver happily provides for the needs and desires of others. Efforts to keep others safe, warm, fed, and educated are all gifts and expressions of love in relationship.

Tune in. Home and hearth are where the heart is. Your caregiving is an act of love and beauty that can bring fulfillment and joy through service. Regardless of life circumstances, you provide assistance to others from an expansive heart. It is vital that that you remember to practice self-care in order to maintain the balance required for sustainable giving.

My heart expands as I provide care for self and others. I honor myself and humanity by recognizing that a sense of home and hearth is a state of being that must be nurtured just as it provides nurturing for others. Cosmic Caregiving is now activated.

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Wise Owl perches near the flowering lotus. Nocturnal by nature, the owl uses immense powers of observation to see into the darkest night. Like the scientist and the mystic, the owl can see what many other creatures cannot. The purple light and glowing lotus blossom represent the opening of inner vision to see with intuitive discernment and a focused clear mind.

Tune In. The knowledge you seek is seeking you. Close your eyes, ask your question, and cultivate deep receptivity. Allow yourself to explore both the inner and outer vistas, then sink into the silence long enough to discover your own knowing and trust it. The wisdom you seek lies within, enriched by the information available to you from the outer world.

Like Wise Owl, I open and focus my inner eyes. I honor myself and humanity by inviting both the scientist and the mystic to come together in me to provide guidance and direction. Inner wisdom opens like the petals of the lotus as inspired thoughts, feelings, and body sensation. Look Within is now activated

An aware being holds a glowing blossom of enlightened presence, inviting a flowering of deeper understanding that can only be found within. Inner spaciousness and wisdom open the way for a blossoming into true Self Realization.

Tune in. Take time to be still. Cultivation of awareness opens the door to your journey of Self Realization. You are discovering yourself as pure consciousness, resolving duality into unity. Generating life changes from the inside out can catalyze change in your experience of daily life.

I pause and take time for self-inquiry. Honoring myself and others, I prioritize practices that cultivate awareness and consciously participate in my journey of discovery. Awareness and Self Realization are now activated.

Number Archetype “7” is symbolized by a seven-pointed star or heptagram. It has many interesting associations: 7 days in the week; 7 chakras in the human energy system; 7 colors of the rainbow. Number “7” represents our human capacity to pull off the rushing river of life to find a quiet eddy, to withdraw from outer focus, and discover all that is within.

Tune in. As a spiritual being consciously waking up to the deeper truth of who you are, and what life is, the spiritual path is your everyday life. Divine light is shining through, even in the most exciting and the most mundane circumstances. Everything you need to know is being revealed. Trust and shine your light.

I am one with the source of knowledge, love, wisdom, and guidance. I honor myself and humanity through my spiritual awakening process. Spiritual Awakening is now activated.

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Gorgeous and heavy with seeds, the sunflower has lived its full life cycle, and is ready to harvest. Contained within just one sunflower is the creative potential of an entire field of future sunflowers, providing food for many earthly creatures. The sunflower symbolizes the process of dreaming, envisioning, and calling in tangible reality from the cosmos of imagination.

Tune in. What is your dream seed? What do you want to create? Envisioning a desired outcome is the first step of moving from the realm of imagination to a creation seed landing on Earth to complete its growing cycle. Keep the dream moving. Focus and action are required. Bring your dream down to Earth.

I am ready to bring Heaven to Earth. I can do it. I honor myself and humanity by staying with the manifesting process of planting, tending, and protecting the germinating seed so that it can sprout and grow into my desired outcome. Heaven to Earth is now activated.

Number Archetype “8” is symbolized by an eight-pointed star, the octagon. It symbolizes our human capacity to manifest thoughts into concrete reality, to bring heaven to earth. In Hinduism, the eight-pointed star represents the goddess Lakshmi and the many forms of spiritual and material wealth she bestows in a never-ending flow of abundance.

Tune in. Remember a time when you felt absolutely certain about something. You knew it was going to happen and it did. For example, feel into the certainty you have knowing the sun will rise each morning. Embody this feeling of certainty and infuse it into the vision of your desired outcome. See it as already done!

I am strong, powerful, and confident in my innate value. I honor myself and humanity by participating in the accomplishment of dreams and goals in just the right and divinely timed way. Manifest Freely is now activated.

Capable hands overflow with golden treasure, a cosmic and earthly representation of abundance, value, and prosperity consciousness. Gold, created inside stars by nuclear fusion, is both powerful and precious! Simultaneously, the hands of abundance enclose the treasure both lightly and securely, yet are open to freely offer and give.

Tune in. You are a treasure with bones of stardust, possessing a birthright of creating “gold” from the alchemical forces at work within you. In your capable hands there exists the grand capacity to access the infinite abundance both within and around you. Share your innate power with the world and cultivate a healthy expectation of the world reflecting your value back to you.

There is infinitely enough, I am more than enough, there is always enough to share. I honor myself and humanity by recognizing it is only in the giving and receiving that the natural flow of abundance can be nurtured and maintained. I give freely with hands that continue to overflow. Infinite Abundance is now activated.

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Number Archetype “9” is symbolized by a nine-pointed star, sometimes called a nonagram. The Hebrews referred to nine as the symbol of immutable truth. The Ennead, or nine-pointed star, is an ancient and sacred symbol comprised of three trinities, 3+3+3. Number “9” as the humanitarian healer represents the best of human capacity to know the whole world as ourselves.

Tune in. Your natural healing energy and abilities are being called for. To heal is to “make whole”. Envision the healing as if it has already happened. Trust the successful resolution and completion of the healing. Shine a beautiful healing energy into the situation at hand. The power of your blessing will make all the difference.

I am one with all beings. I honor myself and humanity by participating in the restoration of wholeness in our world. I celebrate every being’s unique contribution and offer mine freely, knowing it is enough. I see the world as sacred and do what is mine to do. Diversity in Unity is now activated.

The radiant Earth floats in the serenity of the high vibration of the aquamarine, blue, and violet soul stream. Doves of peace soar gracefully in the atmosphere, emissaries of harmonic well-being. This Earth represents the unity principle, a symbol of potential for true self-realization, awakening into conscious wholeness, and unity with all that is.

Tune in. Self-care is a sacred responsibility. We are inherently interconnected and there is no “other”. Your well-being matters to all, rippling throughout the essence of all existence. Giving is only sustainable when you are well sustained. You give more when you have it to give.

I celebrate my innate wholeness and interconnectivity with all that is. I honor myself and humanity by prioritizing the sustainable self-care required to live in the infinite flow of generosity and healing. My Well-Being Matters is now activated.

Through the unfettered, unfiltered innocence of the child we can see the intricate design of the interconnectivity of life. Points of light sparkling on the blue planet remind us we are each a divine thread in a living tapestry of love and healing compassion. The child smiles in recognition of the light in you.

Tune in. Are you, or someone you care for, feeling disconnected, separate, or hurting right now? Turn your compassionate attention and intention to face what’s hurting or out of balance. Open yourself to receive healing. Become a source of healing presence that flows through you and contributes to the well-being of others.

I welcome and invite the restoration of wholeness to myself and our world. I honor myself and humanity by cultivating the human maturity and capacity for awareness and compassionate care of myself and others. Healing Presence is now activated.

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Master Number Archetype “11” is symbolized by both a lighthouse and lightning bolts, Illuminating the sea at twilight. These images represent supercharged human mastery potential and capacity to transmit a higher frequency of energy and information to excite, inspire, and illuminate.

Tune in. Re-establish a peaceful grounded presence. If you have been hiding or resting, now is the time to step out from behind the curtain to let yourself be seen and to shine. A highly energized light is pouring through you to uplift others. Be a lighthouse that illuminates all around you!

I am an opening for divine intelligence and blessing to shine through. I honor myself and humanity as a conduit for inspiration to flow through into everyday life in big and small ways, known and unknown. Inspiration Strikes is now activated.

Master Number Archetype “22” is symbolized by this image of a confident and devoted master builder. This master-mind envisions a grand dream of possibility and then plans to construct the “emerald city”, a metaphor for our capacity to dream big and to create big.

Tune in. Expand beyond previously conceived limitations or expectations. Open your mind to a much larger horizon for what is possible. Your capacity to translate big dreams into practical reality is greater than you have realized. What else might be possible?

I am a master builder. I honor myself and humanity as a practical visionary. The systems I conceive of and build are like the banks of a river, containing and directing the waters of creative energy so it can flow to its destination. Dream Bigger is now activated.

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The jewel in this card symbolizes the many facets of your complex human operating system. You are represented in this image by the rays of light awareness which shine through the prism of the jewel, casting the colors of your unique expression into the world.

Contemplate the image on this card. As you do, notice the physical, mental, and emotional perceptions that arise. Now, shift your attention to the light of awareness, the you who perceives and witnesses these sensations. You are the light that shines through the jewel. Selecting this card is an invitation to realize yourself as the light, while more deeply appreciating your operating system.

I am the light of awareness that shines through the jewel of this body and mind. This self realization accelerates the manifestation of my human potential. Jewel of YOU is now activated.

The human being in this card image stands firm, bare feet touching the soil, representing conscious connection with the living earth and all creation. Grounding, in the spiritual sense, refers to centering the light of awareness in your body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth. The amethyst gem in the foreground represents the beauty of soul embodiment and our ability to practice intentional grounding.

Intentional grounding is the foundation of your alignment practice and fundamental well-being. Selecting this card is an invitation to ground your human operating system. Grounding techniques can be tools to help you bring your focus into the moment where you have power to access guidance, healing, or to manifest an intention.

I am grateful for the ability to align body, mind, heart, and soul in the nourishing and stabilizing Ground of Being. As I focus attention into this moment, increase body awareness, and consciously connect with the living earth, I am strengthened and empowered. Ground of Being is now activated.

The wise elder beams kindness and compassion for all through eyes that have seen a lifetime of happiness and sorrow. Radiant wisdom, intuitive knowing, and joyful loving energy infuse heartlight into the elder’s vision and contribution. The Universe shines unconditional love through the human heart, blazing a path of bliss.

Love is the natural condition of your heart and can be expressed through your wisdom, compassion, and capacity to forgive. Feel your heartlight shine, imbuing everything you are and everything you do with pure, immutable joy. You are a blessing to yourself, others, and our world. Selecting this card is an invitation to sense and share the warmth and kindness of your own loving presence.

The power of love which resides within me can be shared with others. As I look through the eyes of my heart, I see things most clearly. Heart wisdom guides my choices. Heart Centered is now activated.

The woman sits on the earth before the waterfall of light, arms wide open to receive the rainbow blessing created as light and mist join. She bathes in the pure white light washing through her. She recognizes her body and mind as a conduit for the light of consciousness to shine into the world.

Choosing this card is an invitation to realign with the pure light of consciousness. Open your body and mind to receive a bright flow of inspired energy from above, down through your body, and into the earth. As an open conduit, you are able to conduct higher frequencies of love, wisdom, and healing in the direction of your choosing. Take a moment now to realign and open yourself as a conscious conduit.

I choose to be a living conduit for the light of higher consciousness to illuminate my questions about current life circumstances with Soul guidance. I am an open conduit for the light of love, wisdom, and discernment to flow through. Conduit is now activated.

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