Alignment Practice


The “Alignment Suit” is comprised of four cards:

  • Jewel of You
  • Ground of Being
  • Heart Center
  • Conduit

These cards represent four essential components of an “Alignment Practice” to access intuitive wisdom and guidance for Soul Aligned Living. They are offered here as a tool to help shift into more conscious alignment with your Soul (Higher Self-True Nature) in preparation for a SOUL CODE ILLUMINATION card reading.

Alignment Practice:

    1. Select the “Jewel of You” card. Take in the visual image and read the card text. Set your intention to align with the deepest truth of who you are and increase access to intuitive knowing. Close your eyes and lean back into the Light of Pure Consciousness prior to all thoughts, emotions, and body sensation. Envision your body-mind as a jewel and the Light shining through you fills the room.

The jewel in this card symbolizes the many facets of your complex human operating system. You are represented in this image by the rays of light awareness which shine through the prism of the jewel, casting the colors of your unique expression into the world.

Contemplate the image on this card. As you do, notice the physical, mental, and emotional perceptions that arise. Now, shift your attention to the light of awareness, the you who perceives and witnesses these sensations. You are the light that shines through the jewel. Selecting this card is an invitation to realize yourself as the light, while more deeply appreciating your operating system.

I am the light of awareness that shines through the jewel of this body and mind. This self realization accelerates the manifestation of my human potential. Jewel of YOU is now activated.

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    1. Select the “Ground of Being” card. Take in the visual image and read the card text. Place your feet firmly on the floor. Set your intention to increase your grounding so your visions, goals, unique expression and contribution to our world can manifest even more fully. Envision your “roots” sinking deeply into the earth below you, providing a dependable anchor for whenever life’s challenges threaten your balance.

The human being in this card image stands firm, bare feet touching the soil, representing conscious connection with the living earth and all creation. Grounding, in the spiritual sense, refers to centering the light of awareness in your body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth. The amethyst gem in the foreground represents the beauty of soul embodiment and our ability to practice intentional grounding.

Intentional grounding is the foundation of your alignment practice and fundamental well-being. Selecting this card is an invitation to ground your human operating system. Grounding techniques can be tools to help you bring your focus into the moment where you have power to access guidance, healing, or to manifest an intention.

I am grateful for the ability to align body, mind, heart, and soul in the nourishing and stabilizing Ground of Being. As I focus attention into this moment, increase body awareness, and consciously connect with the living earth, I am strengthened and empowered. Ground of Being is now activated.

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    1. Select the “Heart Center” card. Take in the visual image and read the card text. Set your intention to be an instrument of Loving Presence. The Joy of God can be found here in compassionate relationship with self, others, and Life. Envision your heart wide open to the love-bliss of your True Nature and interconnectivity with ALL.

The wise elder beams kindness and compassion for all through eyes that have seen a lifetime of happiness and sorrow. Radiant wisdom, intuitive knowing, and joyful loving energy infuse heartlight into the elder’s vision and contribution. The Universe shines unconditional love through the human heart, blazing a path of bliss.

Love is the natural condition of your heart and can be expressed through your wisdom, compassion, and capacity to forgive. Feel your heartlight shine, imbuing everything you are and everything you do with pure, immutable joy. You are a blessing to yourself, others, and our world. Selecting this card is an invitation to sense and share the warmth and kindness of your own loving presence.

The power of love which resides within me can be shared with others. As I look through the eyes of my heart, I see things most clearly. Heart wisdom guides my choices. Heart Centered is now activated.

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  1. Select the “Conduit” card. Take in the visual image and read the card text. Now that you are aligned with your Light, grounded, and open hearted, set the intention to be a conduit for Divine Intelligence to freely flow through the instrument of your body-mind. As a Conduit you are open and flowing with limitless supply.

The woman sits on the earth before the waterfall of light, arms wide open to receive the rainbow blessing created as light and mist join. She bathes in the pure white light washing through her. She recognizes her body and mind as a conduit for the light of consciousness to shine into the world.

Choosing this card is an invitation to realign with the pure light of consciousness. Open your body and mind to receive a bright flow of inspired energy from above, down through your body, and into the earth. As an open conduit, you are able to conduct higher frequencies of love, wisdom, and healing in the direction of your choosing. Take a moment now to realign and open yourself as a conscious conduit.

I choose to be a living conduit for the light of higher consciousness to illuminate my questions about current life circumstances with Soul guidance. I am an open conduit for the light of love, wisdom, and discernment to flow through. Conduit is now activated.

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