Four Card Reading


Relationships can manifest complex dynamics for us to navigate and learn from. Choosing the 4 cards A “Four Card Relationship Clarity Reading” offers you a depth of insight to empower you to use choose and co-create healthy and soul-satisfying relationships.

Card 1: Represents the relationship

Through the unfettered, unfiltered innocence of the child we can see the intricate design of the interconnectivity of life. Points of light sparkling on the blue planet remind us we are each a divine thread in a living tapestry of love and healing compassion. The child smiles in recognition of the light in you.

Tune in. Are you, or someone you care for, feeling disconnected, separate, or hurting right now? Turn your compassionate attention and intention to face what’s hurting or out of balance. Open yourself to receive healing. Become a source of healing presence that flows through you and contributes to the well-being of others.

I welcome and invite the restoration of wholeness to myself and our world. I honor myself and humanity by cultivating the human maturity and capacity for awareness and compassionate care of myself and others. Healing Presence is now activated.

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Card 2: Represents the challenge

Master Number Archetype “22” is symbolized by this image of a confident and devoted master builder. This master-mind envisions a grand dream of possibility and then plans to construct the “emerald city”, a metaphor for our capacity to dream big and to create big.

Tune in. Expand beyond previously conceived limitations or expectations. Open your mind to a much larger horizon for what is possible. Your capacity to translate big dreams into practical reality is greater than you have realized. What else might be possible?

I am a master builder. I honor myself and humanity as a practical visionary. The systems I conceive of and build are like the banks of a river, containing and directing the waters of creative energy so it can flow to its destination. Dream Bigger is now activated.

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Card 3: Represents the lesson

Number Archetype “8” is symbolized by an eight-pointed star, the octagon. It symbolizes our human capacity to manifest thoughts into concrete reality, to bring heaven to earth. In Hinduism, the eight-pointed star represents the goddess Lakshmi and the many forms of spiritual and material wealth she bestows in a never-ending flow of abundance.

Tune in. Remember a time when you felt absolutely certain about something. You knew it was going to happen and it did. For example, feel into the certainty you have knowing the sun will rise each morning. Embody this feeling of certainty and infuse it into the vision of your desired outcome. See it as already done!

I am strong, powerful, and confident in my innate value. I honor myself and humanity by participating in the accomplishment of dreams and goals in just the right and divinely timed way. Manifest Freely is now activated.

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Card 4: Represents the realization

The woman sits on the earth before the waterfall of light, arms wide open to receive the rainbow blessing created as light and mist join. She bathes in the pure white light washing through her. She recognizes her body and mind as a conduit for the light of consciousness to shine into the world.

Choosing this card is an invitation to realign with the pure light of consciousness. Open your body and mind to receive a bright flow of inspired energy from above, down through your body, and into the earth. As an open conduit, you are able to conduct higher frequencies of love, wisdom, and healing in the direction of your choosing. Take a moment now to realign and open yourself as a conscious conduit.

I choose to be a living conduit for the light of higher consciousness to illuminate my questions about current life circumstances with Soul guidance. I am an open conduit for the light of love, wisdom, and discernment to flow through. Conduit is now activated.

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