One Card Reading

Once you have completed your alignment practice you can use a “One Card Reading” in a variety of ways. Below are two suggestions:


Consciously create your day. Select a card for the day to set the tone, intention and focus for the day.


Ask a question for clarification or guidance about a specific situation in your inner or outer life. Select a card and let the imagery and message speak to you in response to your question. Practice using your intuition to select a card and let the imagery and message speak to you in response to your question.

Butterfly flutters by, immersed in the pleasure of drinking the sweet nectar of flowers, appreciating the touch of the wind under its wings. Deep inside it remembers the earthbound caterpillar self of its youth; remembers the transforming confines of the cocoon; remembers the divine pressure to emerge and fly. Butterfly is now free to fly, to enjoy its full potential and fulfill all its butterfly dreams.

Tune in. You are in a process of change, something is coming, and the possibilities are endless. Let the confines of the transformative cocoon enfold you until you are ready to push through the veil and push vital lifegiving energies into your wings. Allow yourself to be surprised by the potential of what you are becoming. It will soon be time to fly.

I embrace my full potential. I honor myself and humanity by acknowledging that transformative change is a process, that natural effort may be required. I trust in the process. Emerging Possibilities is now activated.

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