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Be the Antidote!

By Meg Tobin, Certified “BEAUTIFUL YOU: From Girl To Woman” Facilitator Sisters, think back to your pre-teen and teen years.Perhaps as you were coming of age you were unconditionally loved and respected by your mom and other women you knew. Maybe you had wise and giving role models there for you, sharing healthy women’s wisdom.Maybe […]


In this video clip I invite you to experience: A glimpse of the ocean-scape Birth Place of my Calling to empower the Feminine, on the island of Maui. Join me in a moment of dedication to contribute to balance in the Soul of Humanity. Hear my personal invitation for those called to sign up for […]

9 Paths Of The Soul

[rev_slider alias=”9-pathways-new”] ABOUT THE 9 PATHWAYS OF THE SOUL There are 9 fundamental pathways of human-soul development that can be symbolized by the numbers one through nine. Each number represents a universal human archetype and a pathway that includes a vast spectrum of capacities, abilities and skills, and that reveal our Life Purpose. According to […]

Watching Her Grow – Letting Her Go: The Metamorphosis of Maiden Spirit

Almost 20 years ago I was given the vision of MAIDEN SPIRIT and began the journey of creative movement from conception to manifest reality in varieties of evolving forms. I’ve shared an intimate journey of awakening with many wise women mentors, girls, and their families. We’ve experienced Maiden Spirit together through many programs, spring equinox […]


  My precious Mom (aka Mother Love) just turned 85. I love her so much. Our mother-daughter bond is the foundation of my inspiration and motivation to support mothers with daughters through Maiden Spirit programs.  Our simple moments sharing our lives and our love are deeply fulfilling, most of the time.  However, there are times […]