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Winks from the devine

I experienced a BIG synchronistic moment recently and I’d like to share it with you. Last week, in the on-line Program I am currently teaching called MASTER YOUR SOUL CODE, the class completed our exploration of “Pathway of the Soul, Archetype Number 8”. This Number Archetype is the pathway of human development where we evolve […]

2017 New Year Intention Ritual

Illumination of Possibility Every one of us has a sacred purpose, a life mission to accomplish. This is not something that you “should be” but a presence and a contribution that you are “meant to be”. The advent of a New Year is a supportive time to realign with the truth of who you are […]

Your personal year

Give yourself the gift of reflection time, during the transition between years, to metabolize your experience and harvest wisdom. This will make it possible to start the New Year fresh and open to the new influences of your divine design that come with the beginning of a New Year.One component of the “SOUL STREAM Life […]

9 Pathways of the soul in every day life

I recently designed and completed a 16-week on-line program for Holistic Practitioners, Coaches, and Business Owners called “SOUL STREAM Life Map and Mastery Certification Training”. During the week after the training, participants completed a course evaluation. They were invited to describe an example of how they experience or understand the qualities of each of the” […]

Unstoppable Confidence

UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE INTERVIEW I was invited by host Estela Rodriguez-Jebril to participate in an exclusive confidence boosting virtual Summit called: Unstoppable Confidence: Tips, Tactics and Strategies for Loving Yourself To Live a Happier Life. If you missed my interview, you can listen to the audio replay HERE. In this interview, I discuss my journey of […]


EMPOWER YOUR DAUGHTER’S INNER WISDOM by Jan Burgevin RN I’d like to introduce you to Jan Burgevin, a recent graduate from the Life Blessing Institute Program: “BEAUTIFUL YOU: FROM GIRL TO WOMAN” (BYGW) Facilitator Certification Training. Jan gave me permission to share (and abbreviate) two of her responses to questions in the BYGW curriculum. My […]

Guidance Through Art

ART AS MEDITATION: SOUL GUIDANCE ACCESS TOOL I’m taking a yearlong painting class to provide structure for the part of me that loves to express artistically. Most importantly however,this painting process is a tool I’m using to connect with spiritual guidance, self-healing, and dream manifesting. Because I’m having so much fun doing it and find […]

The AH HAH Moment

The “AH HAH” Moment That Changed My Life Forever: A Tool For The Conscious Transformation Of Experience Even though we are potent spiritual beings filled with the power to change and create new experiences, most of us tend to forget this on a daily basis! Today I was inspired to share with you a revelatory […]


Not that many moons ago, I fell into a state of comparing myself to others. Although I felt connected with some wonderful and positive elements about myself, the overall effect of comparing with others was quite destabilizing. This is because I started to doubt what I knew to be true about my creative process and […]

Magic and Mystery of Being a Woman

By Joni Maher, MSW Last Saturday I gathered with a group of mothers and their 10 & 11 year old daughters for my second Playshop, called Celebrating Beautiful You. I was prepared for these events by the “Beautiful You: From Girl to Woman” Training from Life Blessing Institute. My intention for my Playshop day was […]