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High Vibe Success Key #2: Cultivate Unconditional Trust

  I’d like to tell you a little story… Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl child named Vasalisa. Tragically, her mom became deathly ill and before she died, she gave her daughter a secret and most precious gift: a tiny doll. She instructed her daughter to consult with the doll whenever she […]

The Awakening Process

Awakening refers to the process of waking up from being programmed by society. We begin to realize the meaning of freedom, peace of mind, and happiness in daily living. Once you have freed yourself, it is challenging to go back to the norm. I have experienced many phases, layers and stages in my own Awakening […]

From Intuition to Realization

When visiting Seattle last weekend, I found myself at an East Indian “Ananda Mela (Translates from Sanskrit to “LOVE FESTIVAL”) in a city park, replete with actual “Sacred Cows There was a Hari Krishna puppet show, and beautiful women drenched in colorful saris walking about. There was Traditional Indian Dancing and singing on three stages […]

From Overwhelm to Clarity

 From Overwhelm to Clarity When I asked the transformational leaders and interested others in the Life Blessing Community which blocks they are observing their clients struggle with the most, the number one block turned out to be confusion & overwhelm. Procrastination was the next runner up. During this Face Book LIVE (FB) video broadcast […]

Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts Our intersecting human relationships can be miraculous for many reasons including the unexpected and unintended gifts they sometimes bring. We may only come to realize such gifts through hindsight and conscious contemplation. With the help of a skilled mentor, I recently I discovered a profound GIFT that my short relationship with baby brother […]

Manifesting Mandala

Manifesting ideas from inspiration to lived experience is a skill that can evolve into a natural ability, especially when the idea originates from a place of deep soul connection, guidance, and passion. Today in meditation when I asked for soul guidance about what to share in today’s blogpost, just when I opened my eyes the […]

The 9 Pathways of the soul & your life purpose

PATHWAY 1: I CAN. I WILL. I AM. There are 9 fundamental pathways of human-soul development that can be symbolized by the numbers one through nine. Each number represents a universal human archetype and a pathway that includes a vast spectrum of capacities, abilities and skills, and that reveal our Life Purpose. These “pathways”, or […]

From Anxiety To Peace

THE GIFT OF AN ANXIOUS NIGHTTIME “Wake Up Call”Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, heart pumping and body filled with anxiety for no apparent reason? Although this experience can be uncomfortable and unwelcome, it can also provide illuminating information! If you have an anxious awakening, you may be curious about […]