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High Vibe Success Key #2: Cultivate Unconditional Trust

  I’d like to tell you a little story… Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl child named Vasalisa. Tragically, her mom became deathly ill and before she died, she gave her daughter a secret and most precious gift: a tiny doll. She instructed her daughter to consult with the doll whenever she […]

Activation statements

LIFE PURPOSE ARCHETYPE NUMBER ACTIVATION STATEMENTS Do you know your Life Purpose Archetype Number? If not, go HERE to find out. Below you will find the Life Purpose Activation Statement that corresponds to your Life Purpose.Before you read yours, I suggest you take a moment to bring all of your focus into the present and […]

Maiden Spirit Wisdom

Did you know that the “Life Blessing Institute” has offered women and girls’ empowerment programs and live events for almost two decades? These programs focus on feminine principles.The Goddess In Me Poems These poems were written during MAIDEN SPIRIT meetings, as mother-daughter collaborations, or by a girl herself, or as a group poem during which […]

Your Manufesting Keys

PATHWAY OF THE SOUL NUMBER 8: YOUR MANIFESTING KEYS The Divine is the source of your inspiration. Your Soul is your guide and Intuition is your compass for the manifestation journey in the marketplace of the world. Align yourself with the abundance principle of the infinite Multiverse, of which you are an inherent part! Contemplate […]

2017 New Year Intention Ritual

Illumination of Possibility Every one of us has a sacred purpose, a life mission to accomplish. This is not something that you “should be” but a presence and a contribution that you are “meant to be”. The advent of a New Year is a supportive time to realign with the truth of who you are […]

Manifesting Mandala

Manifesting ideas from inspiration to lived experience is a skill that can evolve into a natural ability, especially when the idea originates from a place of deep soul connection, guidance, and passion. Today in meditation when I asked for soul guidance about what to share in today’s blogpost, just when I opened my eyes the […]

9 Pathways of the soul in every day life

I recently designed and completed a 16-week on-line program for Holistic Practitioners, Coaches, and Business Owners called “SOUL STREAM Life Map and Mastery Certification Training”. During the week after the training, participants completed a course evaluation. They were invited to describe an example of how they experience or understand the qualities of each of the” […]

Pathway 9 : Contribution

In the spirit of Oneness, I give freely and love unconditionally. This post is the ninth in a series exploring the 9 Pathways of the Soul. For an overview of the Pathway System and an explanation of how to calculate your “Life Purpose” Number & Archetypes 1-8, Click Here. This article is dedicated to an […]

The 9 Pathways of the soul & your life purpose

PATHWAY 1: I CAN. I WILL. I AM. There are 9 fundamental pathways of human-soul development that can be symbolized by the numbers one through nine. Each number represents a universal human archetype and a pathway that includes a vast spectrum of capacities, abilities and skills, and that reveal our Life Purpose. These “pathways”, or […]