Three Card Reading

There are two suggested ways you can use a “Three Card Reading”. The first is a general reading on any topic and the second for navigating a challenge. You will find instructions for each below:


Tune into the topic you desire guidance about, click to shuffle and select your cards.

Card 1: Represents the past

Gorgeous and heavy with seeds, the sunflower has lived its full life cycle, and is ready to harvest. Contained within just one sunflower is the creative potential of an entire field of future sunflowers, providing food for many earthly creatures. The sunflower symbolizes the process of dreaming, envisioning, and calling in tangible reality from the cosmos of imagination.

Tune in. What is your dream seed? What do you want to create? Envisioning a desired outcome is the first step of moving from the realm of imagination to a creation seed landing on Earth to complete its growing cycle. Keep the dream moving. Focus and action are required. Bring your dream down to Earth.

I am ready to bring Heaven to Earth. I can do it. I honor myself and humanity by staying with the manifesting process of planting, tending, and protecting the germinating seed so that it can sprout and grow into my desired outcome. Heaven to Earth is now activated.

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Card 2: Represents the present

Butterfly Child dances in a warm breeze, simply and fully present. With attention absorbed in creation’s beauty, the child dances with life as transformative creative energy. Joy bubbles up in the pleasure of spontaneous, unselfconscious expression. A playful free child, dancing on the path of beauty without a care in the world, in the world but not of it.

Tune in. Wiggle your toes. Reach for the stars. Sparkling eyes and the laughing spirit of the magical child are looking out your eyes. See with eyes of wonder. Find beauty and creative possibility in the situation at hand, no matter how it appears. Infuse beauty and incredible lightness of being into your dance.

I am joyous, creative energy in motion. I honor myself and humanity through perceiving beauty and possibility even in the impossible places. Like Butterfly Child, I transform life through my dance. Beauty Dancing is now activated.

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Card 3: Represents the future

Number Archetype “5” is symbolized by a five-pointed star. Referred to as a pentagram, it represents the human being on a wheel of evolution that gathers new life experiences through change. Imagine the energy of this archetype as a wheel rolling through life on a fantastic adventure with the intention to bring in the new!

Tune In. Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, or are you moving right along? You are invited to open your heart and mind to progressive change. Take a leap through the gateway of the unknown and discover new freedom.

I am curious, adventurous, and a catalyst for change. I honor myself and humanity by facing and transforming limitations, inside and out. Embrace Change and Progress is now activated.

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Tune into the topic you desire guidance about, click to shuffle and select your cards. From your insights, create a plan of action to resolve the issue.

Card 1: Represents the challenge

Number Archetype “3” is symbolized by a triangle and represents creative expression. The three lines represent trinities: Past – Present – Future; Birth – Life – Death; Father – Son – Holy Spirit; Maiden – Mother – Crone; Body – Mind – Spirit. It is the universal principle of Mother-Father-Child, thus representing the human capacity for creative expression.

Tune In. Feel into the emotions, intuitive impressions, and inspiration swirling under the surface of your awareness. Express what you discover and free up your creative energy in a powerful way.

I am the artist of my life! I honor myself and humanity through free flowing creative and emotional expression. Creative Expression Gives Birth to Joy is now Activated.

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Card 2: Represents the opportunity

The woman sits on the earth before the waterfall of light, arms wide open to receive the rainbow blessing created as light and mist join. She bathes in the pure white light washing through her. She recognizes her body and mind as a conduit for the light of consciousness to shine into the world.

Choosing this card is an invitation to realign with the pure light of consciousness. Open your body and mind to receive a bright flow of inspired energy from above, down through your body, and into the earth. As an open conduit, you are able to conduct higher frequencies of love, wisdom, and healing in the direction of your choosing. Take a moment now to realign and open yourself as a conscious conduit.

I choose to be a living conduit for the light of higher consciousness to illuminate my questions about current life circumstances with Soul guidance. I am an open conduit for the light of love, wisdom, and discernment to flow through. Conduit is now activated.

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Card 3: Represents transformation

The wise elder beams kindness and compassion for all through eyes that have seen a lifetime of happiness and sorrow. Radiant wisdom, intuitive knowing, and joyful loving energy infuse heartlight into the elder’s vision and contribution. The Universe shines unconditional love through the human heart, blazing a path of bliss.

Love is the natural condition of your heart and can be expressed through your wisdom, compassion, and capacity to forgive. Feel your heartlight shine, imbuing everything you are and everything you do with pure, immutable joy. You are a blessing to yourself, others, and our world. Selecting this card is an invitation to sense and share the warmth and kindness of your own loving presence.

The power of love which resides within me can be shared with others. As I look through the eyes of my heart, I see things most clearly. Heart wisdom guides my choices. Heart Centered is now activated.

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