The ‘real you’ is a radiant river of light, a soul stream, deeply loving, intelligent, creative, powerful, consciously connected to the Greater field of Life and to all creation. You KNOW you are here with purpose to fulfill, creative potential for well being to experience and to bring forth your unique gifts to contribute to the creation of a better world. Perhaps you sense a gap between living your potential and where you are right now.

What Is Soul Coaching?

Just imagine… as your soul-stream coaching session begins, you feel the healing potential of a co-created field of transformative energy begin to develop. Initially, Georgette reads your soul map, describing a Big Picture for understanding the challenges and joys in your life from a soul perspective. As she illuminates and describes your life purpose, gifts, talents and learning pathways you feel deeply seen and validated. Where you once felt stuck and possibly even hopeless, a glimmer of new possibility ignites within you.

Over a series of sessions, Georgette guides you to identify and transform previously unconscious blocks to your health and happiness and offers structure, clearing tools, support, mentoring, and intuitive guidance to attain your goals.

You feel inspired, encouraged, empowered and begin to generate breakthroughs and changes in relationship with your self, others, and Life right away!

SOUL STREAM Coaching is for those who deeply desire to consciously evolve beyond stuck patterns of the past and GAIN ACCESS TO THE POWER TO CHANGE!

Brendan McCracken
Senior Software Engineer
Before being referred by my naturopath to work with Georgette, I was struggling with a lack of clarity of purpose. My energy and health were inconsistent. I knew I wanted and needed something to change, but I wasn't sure what. Through our sessions, not only did I gain the clarity of purpose and direction I was seeking, but also I learned a ton about myself along the way! Now, my creativity is reaching new levels, and I’m changing careers to something that fits me much better. I highly recommend working with Georgette--she strikes an amazing balance of being very supportive while presenting just the right challenges. I have no doubt that anyone and everyone could benefit from her wisdom, intuition, and warmth.

Dr Illana Gurevich ND., L.Ac.
Portland, Oregon

"In the time I spent working with Georgette I became a totally new person thanks to her help."

Working with Georgette Star has changed my life. Georgette has an amazing combination of gentle caring as well as strong intuition. She is able to hear what you are saying and intuitively know when and where you are stuck. She has an inner knowing of when to push and investigate and when to leave things alone. She is able to connect themes in your life that you didn’t before know had connections, and help you move through and beyond those things. In the time I spent working with Georgette I became a totally new person thanks to her help. She was able to hold the space for me to move out of old patterns and step bravely into a new way of walking in the world and a new way of being. Georgette acts as conduit between the person we are and the person we were meant to be. She gently shows you the road to walk on so that you can be the person you were meant to be. Her space is always safe and warm. Her energy provides you with the type of space where you can make huge transitions in your life. I am eternally grateful for the work I have done with Georgette and looking forward to our work in the future.

Fuchsia Lin
Artist & Film Maker, Portland, Oregon

"It was exciting to see the sunflowers start blooming, as my own dreams started to materialize and exciting opportunities open up."

I had come to a point in my life, where I felt saturated with old energy/patterns and wanted to change, but I didn’t know how to shift the energy. Little did I know that I was in for a huge transformation, as the loss of a loved one catapulted me into a state of transition right as Georgette and I were beginning our journey together. It was the perfect timing, and I am so grateful to have received the support from Georgette necessary to process such an intense life transition. As I began my soul coaching sessions with Georgette, I had simultaneously started my first real garden ever, a garden of sunflowers. The two activities were a wonderful compliment to each other. The physical garden allowed me to see what was happening on the soul level. I felt that soul coaching with Georgette was like soul gardening: the digging down deep and the tilling of the soil. It made me think of a beautiful and nurturing garden I was planting the seeds of my dreams in to manifest. My sessions with Georgette allowed for the sacred holding of space to let past experiences/emotions that had frozen in pain to resurface and melt, and to receive healing. Georgette taught me that all emotions are welcome, and to accept them as part of being human. This process allowed the old energy to clear and the new energy to flow in. It was exciting to see the sunflowers start blooming, as my own dreams started to materialize and exciting opportunities open up. It was a special experience working with Georgette, because I felt that we were on a sacred journey together and she could be trusted. Georgette is a compassionate, wise and intuitive listener. She has the skilled ability to distill all the emotions and feelings down to their essence in order to create positive shifts and healing. Georgette provided the necessary support throughout the journey, especially during the extremely difficult times. Above all, Georgette with her sparkling personality is a wonderful joy to work with.

ABOUT GEORGETTE-STAR, MA, D.Min ~ Soul Stream Coach

Georgette Star graduated from the Naropa Institute with a Masters of Creation Spirituality and from the University of Creation Spirituality with a Doctorate of Ministry. Her educational journey includes training in Spiritual Direction and Hakomi Body Centered Counseling and over 30 years of private practice as a Soul Coach, including certification in Feminine Power Coaching and 5 years of training with Contemporary Mystic, Thomas Hubel. Her mother, Shirley Donatello-Green was her first mentor in the SOUL STREAM LIFE MAP mapping system.

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