“Know Thyself” – Socrates

When you were born, you were given a life-map. When you were named, you were given a Soul Code that suggests how you interact with others, what fulfills you, your natural abilities, and your contribution to Life.

When you are living in alignment with your Soul Code you naturally experience life as a flow of creative movement, an inspired state of being…..your Soul Stream.

The Soul Stream Life-Map doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know deep inside – it will just magnify your awareness of strengths and opportunities, and your focus for growth. It gives you words to describe who you are, why you act the way you do, and what you can give to the world.

Understanding the Soul Stream Life-Map has practical implications for you. It informs the way you understand yourself and how you make decisions that affect your life. It enlightens your relationships, and your health, career, business, and future! It can help you inspire confidence and hope in others in your life, your family, partners, and clients.

I first discovered the 9 Pathways of the Soul, representing nine distinct realms of human development, and the SOUL STREAM LIFE-MAP as a young girl in my mother’s kitchen. Throughout childhood, I sat and listened to my Mom (Shirley) and her friend, my Godmother Jane as they discussed the Life-Maps of family and friends. Their conversations about the soul’s journey through life inspired my young heart and planted the seeds of my calling.

The 9 Pathways of the Soul” describes nine specific archetypal realms of human development:

  1. Leadership
  2. Partnership
  3. Expression
  4. Foundation
  5. Progress
  6. Intimacy
  7. Meaning
  8. Manifestation
  9. Contribution

In the fullness of time my Mom became my teacher and mentor in this uniquely transformative process of understanding the “9 Pathways” and “reading” the Soul Code of a Life-Map.

The map can be described through a method of intuitive attunement and interpretation of the numbers calculated from each individual’s name as recorded on their birth certificate and their date of birth.

My beautiful Mother inspired me to discover that guiding others into awareness of their “Soul Code”, the truth, beauty and power of who they truly are, is the fulfillment of my own Life Purpose!

In April of 2016, my Mom made her transition from this world into the Great LIGHT.

Although I miss her tremendously, it also fills my heart with immense joy to contribute the GIFT of knowledge and wisdom she passed on to me and now through me to extraordinary others on the path of awakening.

I’m excited to help you unlock the beautiful mystery that is YOU, and to share teachings that have the potential to transform your life and to empower those whom you love and serve.

It would be an honor to empower you with a spectacular tool to add to your transformation tool kit! 

Georgette Star MA. D.Min


As you study the 9 Pathways of the Soul, you will simultaneously explore the archetypes found within the “numbers” of your full name at birth and birthdate. They comprise your personal Soul Code. Conscious awareness of your Soul Code will provide a foundation for self-confidence and empowerment to live a truly aligned and authentic life.

Soul Stream Life-Map: Mastery Course, FOCUS

Understanding the archetypes associated with the nine distinct realms of human development and YOUR personal soul code will be the essential focus of this course.

So that you can…

  • Tune into your most authentic self, the truth of who you are and why you are here
  • Gain trust in your Life Purpose to help navigate your life with more ease and flow
  • Discover how to more fully own your talents and abilities
  • Develop your intuition through discovering a unique “Mastery Key” for each of the 9 Pathways to powerfully support your personal integration of the course content
  • Connect with your deepest sources of motivation to succeed
  • Understand your learning challenges and identify missing skill development so you can consciously heal or work through them so you can consciously heal
  • Gain clarity and the confidence that comes with the knowledge of your Soul Code
  • Explore how to apply the Soul Code information to increase understanding and harmonious relationships with friends, family, colleagues, clients

Take your practice to the next level of insight and effectiveness by learning how to offer a basic “Soul Code” Session for your clients, so that you can…

  • Connect with your clients quickly and deeply in a way that is exciting and empowering
  • Generate greater trust as clients feel deeply seen and acknowledged
  • Employ a tool for understanding underlying motivations, needs, challenges and resources
  • Illuminate your client’s path of healing, self-actualization, and greatest contribution
  • Achieve faster, sustainable results in order to have a successful and profitable business and practice

Melanie Spring

Walking through my Soul Stream Life Map with Georgette, she revealed things about me
that I didn't before have words to express. I know my life and where I am going in it,
but she gave me clarity in my sense of purpose and a way to explain it to anyone who
asked. Before I met with her, I had a hazy feeling about what was next for me, but every
day since our meeting, I've reflected on the words she gave me and started picking up on my connecting to myself and everything around me. I can't tell you what it means to me to be able to do this. I enjoyed it so much that I've introduced her to others and am even learning her craft.

Melanie Spring, Brand Strategist CEO Sisarina

Lori Soule ND

This course will give you look at a person’s soul DNA based on the name and birthdate. It deepens understanding of what someone comes to earth to learn, where they might get
stuck and where their genius is. It helps to understand core psychic battles as well as personal mastery characteristics. It helps to know what to accept, what to work on, and how to get unstuck. It works for us personally as well as for our clients.

Lori Soule ND

Pamela Wirth CPCC

For a coach, a client’s soul code is a fantastic assessment tool! Because the information from the Life Map is so accurate, there is an instant connection, confirmation and validation, which is a great base for a relationship with a client.  The Soul Steam Life Map can become a guide for the whole coaching relationship and open up clear pathways for my client’s evolution and my coaching.

Pamela Wirth CPCC, Certified Soul-Stream Life Map Consultant

Sarah Wylie ND

Mathematicians recognize that everything in our world can be described by math. Soul Stream Life Map Method takes this to the next level, describing our soul fingerprints and life lessons. The knowledge has helped me connect with my patients, and help them to view themselves with beauty, wonder and respect. The support for activating my “Number 8” Archetype for manifesting in my work has been phenomenal. My skill development has been activated by my increased understand of my natural abilities as described by my numbers. I feel confident to step into my ability and claim it!

Sarah Wylie ND, Certified Soul Stream Life Map Consultant


As a participant you will receive:

  • 8 video presentations of Class Modules (You will receive a link in your email in-box every Monday for eight weeks, enabling you to learn in your own time frame)
  • 4 Live and Interactive Summary Q & A sessions with Georgette, hosted via Zoom video conference platform
  • Your Personal Soul Code Assessment in pdf format
  • Lifetime access to my online calculator for quick access to “Soul Code” information
  • Facebook group to support your learning journey
  • 9 Pathways of the Soul E-book


  • Module 1: Orientation & Introduction
  • Module 2: Pathway of the Soul Number 1 & 2
    The Leader & Peace Maker
  • Module 3: Pathway of the Soul Number 3 & 4
    The Artist & Builder
  • Module 4: Pathway of the Soul Number 5 & 6
    The Change Agent & Care Provider
  • Module 5: Pathway of the Soul Number 7 & 8
    The Scientist and Mystic & Manifestor
  • Module 6: Pathway of the Soul Number 9
    The Humanitarian Healer
  • Module 7: Master Numbers 11 & 22
  • Module 8: Soul Code Readings For Others

Tracey Heartsun CPCC

Understanding my client’s sense of purpose, what brings them joy, where they struggle deeply, and the power of their inner resources and strengths makes it possible for me to relate in a way where they feel deeply seen, heard, acknowledged. This creates a relationship dynamic of trust and safety, so important for any true transformation to happen within.

Tracey Heartsun CPCC, Certified Soul-Stream Life-Map Consultant

For over three decades, Georgette Star, MA, D.Min, principal founder of the Life Blessing Institute (LBI), has worked as a coach and mentor using the 9 Pathways of the Soul and Soul Stream Mapping System as the foundation for her work.

LBI is a learning community dedicated to empower women, men, and youth on the “Path of Awakening” to create fulfilling purpose-driven lives and contribute to the creation of a better world through the actualization of their unique “Soul Code”.

As a “SOUL STREAM Coach and Trainer” Georgette guides her clients and students to discover the “Soul Code” that can be found in their Life-Maps. This System illuminates an individual’s birth template and has roots in “ancient sciences” including Numerology. Georgette learned this System from her own beautiful mother, and is a third-generation practitioner of this methodology.

LBI has offered a variety of educational programs for both youth and adults. These include the youth empowerment programs: MAIDEN SPIRIT, PEACE-WARRIORS, and BEAUTIFUL YOU: From Girl to Woman, as well as the on-line Summits, “Radiant Moms’ & Girls Revolution”,  “Every Woman’s Mystical Treasure Chest”, and “COACHING MASTERY MAGIC World Summit”.

Georgette’s current passion is to teach the “SOUL STREAM: Life-Map and Mastery System” to Holistic Healers, Coaches, and Consultants.

Jack Canfield

Featured Teacher in “The Secret” and Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles

Georgette Star is the real deal. My wife Inga and I both had Soul Stream Life Map Readings with her, and the information that we received was both illuminating and affirming of our essential beings. It facilitated an even greater awareness of each our unique essential natures, our differences, and a greater respect for and acceptance of each other. Georgette is a compassionate, caring and highly conscious spiritual coach. I am glad to recommend her and her work to anyone.

Jack Canfield