The ‘real you’ is a like a radiant river of light, a soul stream, deeply loving, intelligent, creative, powerful, consciously connected to the Greater field of Life and to all creation. You KNOW you are here with purpose to fulfill, creative potential for well being to experience and to bring forth your unique gifts to contribute to the creation of a better world. Perhaps you sense a gap between living your potential and where you are right now.

What Is Soul Coaching?

Just imagineas your soul-stream coaching session begins, you feel the healing potential of a co-created field of transformative energy begin to develop. Initially, Georgette reads your soul map (created from the sacred numbers in your full name at birth and birthdate).

Your soul-map describes a Big Picture context for understanding the challenges and joys in your life from a soul growth perspective. As she illuminates and describes your life purpose, gifts, talents and learning pathways you feel deeply seen and validated. Where you once felt stuck and possibly even hopeless, a glimmer of new possibility ignites within you.

Over a series of sessions, Georgette guides you to identify previously unconscious blocks to your health and happiness and offers structure, clearing tools, support, and intuitive guidance to accelerate your transformation and life manifestation process.

You feel inspired, encouraged, empowered and begin to generate breakthroughs and changes in relationship with your self, others, and Life right away!

Soul-stream coaching is for those who deeply desire to consciously evolve beyond stuck patterns of the past and GAIN ACCESS TO THE POWER TO CHANGE and to thrive!

ABOUT GEORGETTE-STAR, MA, D.Min ~ Soul Stream Coach

Georgette Star graduated from the Naropa Institute with a Masters of Creation Spirituality and from the University of Creation Spirituality with a Doctorate of Ministry. Her educational journey includes training in Spiritual Direction and Hakomi Body Centered Counseling and over 30 years of private practice as a Soul Coach, including certification in Feminine Power Coaching and 5 years of training with Contemporary Mystic, Thomas Hubel. Her mother, Shirley Donatello-Green was her first mentor in the SOUL STREAM LIFE MAP mapping system.

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